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Alessandro Roncone Sestri Levante, Italy
A New Start BLOOD

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Dec 20 2011
Thanks to you for appreciating my themes! :) - Dec 21 2011
Thanks! - Dec 21 2011
GNOME shell - ANewStartBlood

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Dec 20 2011
Yes it's conky!! You can download it from ANewStartBLOOD suite -> - Dec 20 2011
GNOME shell - ANewStart

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Dec 09 2011
Grazie Cristian! :) - Dec 10 2011
AwOken folders

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Dec 03 2011
Thanks mate! :) - Dec 03 2011

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Jul 28 2013
Thanks mate! Really appreciated! :) - Nov 14 2011

Sorry for the delay but I was outside home and without internet connection :)

For your questions:

Maybe you're right, but consider that is better thinking that sonetto icons are to thin to come in harmony with those icons, and not vice-versa! The icon theme has this overall "thick" style, and this for a dual purpose: A) to obtain an iconset that is a bit "funny" and "fatty" ( I can't describe what I'm thinking in other words, but I know that I hadn't made the concept) B) to create icons that are fully recognizable also in smaller dimensions (ie 16x16px and less)

Moreover, sonetto icons are only one of many other folder styles available, so you can always change them.. they cannot became a guideline for all the iconset! :)

I understood the problem, but this was a choice I did initially when I created the iconset. The script now assumes that start-here icons are there, and doing otherwise there would be a lot of mess, since it's not only a matter of changing a path in a couple of lines!! :)
Moreover, this choice helps me a lot, since doing this I can easily manage places folder (otherwise, I would have to fight with an ever-growing number of icons).
So, for now I cannot do something else, I'm sorry. But if you want, you can do some fix by yourself, and I can help you in doing this! ;)
- Nov 08 2011
Googling a bit I found a muon ppa in which I saw a muon icon.. It's the same icon of a deb package, so to mantain compatibility between original icon and my modded one, I thought that probably the best way to do this is using the deb package icon too!

Anyway, you will find the icon updated from the next version.. :) - Sep 30 2011

Thanks for compliments! I'll surely add that icon to my iconset (With some modifications :) ). But a question: on your link is written that muon doesn't have an icon by default.. it's right!? - Sep 30 2011
I saw. But it's so strange, since it seems that the system couldn't resize icons correctly!

It seems to be a different error rather than the absence of 16x16 px icons. Anyway I'll work on it.. maybe I'll do a quick mockup version and I'll send you the link to test it ok? - Sep 12 2011
You're welcome!

But also in 16x16? Aren't they too much little? It would be an huge additional work! Is there any problem with little sized icons? - Sep 10 2011
Ok perfect. Now I've done also the kshisen icon (the same of kmahjongg since they're similar), so I've done all the icons you requested! :) - Sep 05 2011
Palimpsest and xsane are already done (why you asked for them? :) ).

For krusader, I should have fixed from the next version.

I did on the fly the icons for scan-gui, kmahjongg, kajongg, peazip, expoblending, fatrat, rapid-photo-downloader, knemo, teamviewer [even if I don't know if it will work], gweled, muon, mkvinfo, mkvmergeGUI, super-boot-manager, xcfa (but you have to wait the next version).

Unfortunately, fotoxx will not change, since the .desktop file associated to it doesn't point to a system icon, but to a specific icon located in "/usr/share/fotoxx/icons/fotoxx.png" [If you read the Installation_and_Instructions file, you easily find it by yourself :)]. The same is with retroshare (that search an icon in "/usr/share/pixmaps/retroshare.xpm").

Moreover, Yahtzeesharp is written in mono, and I'm afraid there's no way to integrate well in your desktop. Similar problem for ogsmahjongg,

A question: when you told about shishen-sho, what did you refer precisely?

PS: did I miss something? :) - Sep 05 2011
Ok now I should have fixed the problem.. try with the new package I uploaded! :) - Sep 01 2011
Did you read the QUICK INSTALLATION instructions?

- Aug 30 2011
try with :

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/kawoken-icon-theme-customization
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/kawoken-icon-theme-customization-clear

and then type:


Does it work? - Aug 29 2011
The problem is that we not agree about our idea of MOD: what's your MOD? What is your contribution to the project? What's your improvement?

This is the problem: you stated that you did a MOD; you stated also that "there was no yet a dark theme of icons". But it's far from being true: the dark theme was already available, it's only a matter of playing around with the script.
And if someone doesn't want to waste time, there is a nice working example, and a lot of desktops using it, so it's quite simple finding some sources of inspiration and some help!

The problem is only this: you stated that you did a MOD, but I disagree.

Moreover, sorry but I didn't understand this sentence:
Moreover, I specify changes and base a mod. If you are written by someone (though at all I do not understand it because easier to write to that who has placed on a site) it will be always... as with those who asks the same questions at forums.
" - Aug 19 2011
Obviously it's not a problem of licenses, anyone is free to use them and to release any version of them.
Indeed, there are a lot of works based on my iconset and I have no problem with them.

But the only thing I really hate is when someone send me a mail telling that my iconset is not working, even if I know that it's not true. For one mail, it's no problem, but when the mails become 3 or 4 or whatever, I start to be annoyed. Expecially when I figure out that these plaints are related not to my work, but to another identical work based on my iconset.

I repeat, it's not a matter of license (I really don't care about this), but a matter of principles: why releasing an iconset that could be easily done with my script and releasing it without modifications? There's no reason!

Anyway, I know you hate me now but I think I have explained myself quite clearly, so I hope you understand my point of view. My position is different since I really love your other iconsets (expecially the faenza debian swirl, wich I used for a couple of weeks), but some time ago I decided to not let any mere copy of the iconset anymore, since I put efforts on these projects and I try to mantain a high quality standard, so I get angry when my efforts are copied and I receive a lot of plaints about someone else's release. - Aug 17 2011
Ok this is really encouraging..!! Now I'm ready to release next 1.0 version.. :)

Anyway, maybe you're right: you typed wrong! In your previous comment you wrote "kde4-cofig" and not "kde4-config" :) - Aug 17 2011
1. cd is a common linux command that should be available trough different distros. It moves you to a proper directory. in this case kde4-config --localprefix should return either ~/.kde4 or ~/.kde4 (depending on your distro), so cd `kde4-config --localprefix` should move you to one of the directories previously listed. Anyway, you're right since there's a bug: you have to type

cd `kde4-config --localprefix`/share/icons

The artwork description is already updated.
Does it work on your machine?

2-3. You're right for this issue. Now I'll update the description and the package to get a working iconset (the problem is that deviantart doesn't want .tar.gz files, but this is the only extension that System Settings accepts! :(

4. You're right for pdf file, but I haven't already uploaded yet :) Maybe for the next 1.0 (most likely 1.1) version! :) - Aug 17 2011
It's quite strange. I'm not a proper kde user, so I needed help to get my iconset working. But the command "kde4-config" was told to be working correctly in all kde distro! What's your distro? And could you please post the output of "kde4-config --prefix" alone? If this doesn't work, neither the customization script could work on your machine! :(

Anyway, the text you quoted is an error in the description: you have to download the set from the proper page on deviantArt! I've already updated the description.

But even downloading the set from deviantart the tool doesn't recognize the iconset? I'm sure I tried on my kde partition and it worked! - Aug 13 2011
But you haven't a normal user since your installation is particular or since you did something particular? Anyway, I din't understand if you've solved or not..

If not, please post the whole terminal output! :) - Jul 28 2011
As I can suppose, you're running the script with sudo or some root privilege.. if so, and since nobody told you this, please run the script as normal user! :)

If not, post the whole terminal output ;)

PS: don't post comment twice.. I answer to either! - Jul 28 2011
Hope gtk3

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Jan 05 2012
Ok I figured it out (usiing as example):

- if you use [url][/url] the formatting works

- if you use []Google Homepage[/url] the formatting doesn't work, despite this is supposed to work in all the entries that use BBCode formatting!!!! I was stuck with this since I supposed that also this should work!

Sorry for having stolen time, and thanks for the reply! :) - Nov 10 2011
Sorry if I bother you but how did you get those clickable urls in the artwork description? In mine, normal BBcode for urls (ie [ url][/url ]) doesn't work! :( - Nov 10 2011

Full Icon Themes 523 comments

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Jul 28 2013
Oneiric support not available yet.. wait for the next 2.3 version. I'll release it very soon! - Oct 24 2011
You are right, I'm planning to get a full review to emoticons in next 2.4 version (2.3 will be released very soon, so I'm not planning any great modification :) ) - Oct 24 2011
Ok I managed the issue.. there was an error in the customization script! :) - Oct 01 2011
No prob :) - Sep 24 2011
Ok I figured it out: I need getops right? Now it's only a matter of time :) - Sep 09 2011
Unfortunately, I don't have machines without my account, so this would be unfeasible (at least in a short period)..

Why instead don't we do this: you run the command above, and then you send me the files listed, so I can easily discover wich part of the iconset is wrong.

Actually, I'm thinking about an error in the customization script, since is that where there are significant changes in symlinks. And maybe this is the problem for the errors in installing 2.1 deb package, for wich I never discovered a solution!

So could you please do this for me? It would be very important!

For the OT, you're completely right man.. But I have a question: how the script is supposed to process different inputs? You have to use a case statement regarding the passed arguments? - Sep 09 2011
Sorry but this seems to point out all the links, not only the broken ones.. How can I find only the broken ones? - Sep 03 2011
Ok sorry.. now I changed again! :) - Sep 03 2011
Ok with that pack I found the icons. I did these:
"krusader_user, krusader_root, krusader_red and krusader_blue"

But you will have to wait the new 2.3 release to see changes since it's very fatiguing updating the packs with only one change!

Anyway, regarding to the inode-directory icon, my question was that I already have such an icon, but it's placed in "places" instead of "mimetypes". With normal applications this should not be a problem, since all apps search for a system icon (with not care if the icon is placed in "places" folder or "mimetypes" folder). So, this problem with krusader sounds strange to me. Anyway, I did the add to the mimetypes directory as you requested! :) - Sep 03 2011
Could you tell me where these dead links were? So I can solve the issue from the origin! :) - Sep 02 2011
You're welcome! :) - Sep 02 2011
Hi! I checked for tvbrowser but unfortunately I can't help, since the .desktop file associated to it has searchs for this icon: "/usr/share/tvbrowser/imgs/tvbrowser128.png"

So, even if I'd draw a tvbrowser icon, it's appearance wouldn't change! :(

For krusader I tried to download the deb package but I didn't find any icon, could you please link to me a proper deb package? Thanks!

Sorry but I didn't understand this: "A copy from places/folder.png to mimetypes/inode-directory.png want for the Krusader (for shows Direktorys)."

For the arrows, I'm sorry but I'm not planning to change them, since the old one were too much unrecognizable to get accepted by all users.. new arrows are maybe more common and less original, but at least they do their job better than old one ;) - Sep 01 2011
For some reasons the ppa is updated later than DA download. In particular, I updated the ppa only yesterday, so try to update your system with update manager and then customize the iconset. Does it works?

Anyway, remember that umbrella icons came with 2.1 version :) - Sep 01 2011
Eheheh maybe it's the hot in these days that heaten up your brain! :)

Anyway, I noticed two things:

1. The icon is somehow cutted, since it lacks the bottom part. This is due to the gtk theme you are using (you should try to modify it to fix the problem)

2. If you don't like that icon, do you know that there is a really cool customization script that lets you to change (among other things) that icon? - Aug 30 2011
Upload the screenshot on an image hosting website (like imageshack or similar) and post the link to the image :) - Aug 30 2011
Sorry but I didn't understand.. what do you mean with "computer icon frames"? - Aug 30 2011
I'm really sorry but unfortunately I haven't any of these images in svg format.. sorry! :) - Aug 16 2011
You're welcome! :) - Aug 07 2011
On my Ubuntu Natty the folder is ~/.jdownloader/jd/img

To see it you should open nautilus and then type Ctrl+H, so you can able to see hidden folders like the one we are talking about! :) - Aug 07 2011
jDownloader icon is already in the set - I use it every day and it works. But if you're talking about the jdownloader icon in the systray or whatever name you prefer for indicator applet, the iconset is not responsible for this, so the only thing to do is changing jdownloader icon theme.

So, try this:

It's a jDownloader theme based on awoken. It's not mine, and all the problems you may encounter have to be reported to the owner; but for me it works, and it's cute! So give it a try, and tell me if you have solved! :) - Aug 07 2011
Ahah have you ever thought that YOU might did some errors?

If you did not know, a software needs testing to be robust. An ever growing software needs more.

So post the terminal output, and be less arrogant. I put efforts in this project, you benefit from this, so at least a please or a thank you or a kinder way to tell me that YOU cannot run the script would be welcome. ;) - Aug 05 2011
For a couple of reasons this iconset not works on KDE. But I released the first KDE porting just a couple of week ago! Give it a try, it's the same iconset but with a couple of kde stuff. It's called kAwOken! :) - Aug 05 2011
Unfortunately, it's a never ending work man.. every couple of months there's some update that destroy the compatibility of your current icontheme and you have to restart from scratch.. it's really tough! :( - Jul 29 2011
So you solved with this trick? Good to know, I'll try to see why it happens! :) - Jul 10 2011
kAwOken for KDE - preview

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Jul 23 2011
Ok maybe it's a krunner problem, so I think I cannot do something useful to solve this issue :( - Jul 13 2011

by Pyruzan

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Tropical Heaven

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by ipad

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elementary NG

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by tuurngait

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Full Icon Themes
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Ubo Icons Theme

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