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Alessandro Roncone Sestri Levante, Italy
kAwOken for KDE - preview

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Jul 23 2011
I should have fixed with a new version. Re-download the pack and tell me if all works! :) - Jul 06 2011
Can you signal me an iconset whose icons could change default firefox and chromium ones? So it should be simpler understanding the bug.. :)

For krunner the icon don't change maybe since I never done it :)

For a packaged version I think it's too early. Now I'm working on a beta version, but the iconset is not officially released yet! :( - Jul 04 2011
Don't worry if they're a lot, I prefer to have a bigger view of all problems could happens! :)

ok for archassinstant, kfilebox, and mupdf
I know for settings icon but I prefer to fix it just before the first official release since it's more conmfortable for me to do this.
For folders, I'm sorry but I can help you with further icons: some of those folder themes are not mine. I used them with permission, but I've not drawed them, so for me it's impossible add something new to folder icons since it would be incomplete.
For what concerns krunner, chromium, battery, kmix, klipper and so on, the problem is only panel icon? but with panel icon you're talking about systray icon right? Because since KDE4 systray icons are not related to icon theme but to plasma theme, so I cannot modify them! :(
For dolphin, what do you mean with "dull"? Original dolphin icon is a drawer, so I did that icon to mimic it! :)
- Jul 02 2011
Could you send me a screenshot? So I can understand better! :) - Jul 02 2011
Ok, I'm glad you solved with your own! :)

For classy, try 99-75-45 (or maybe something slightly smaller ;) ) - Jul 02 2011

Firstly, download and install latest 0.2 version (so we're sure that the problem isn't fixed yet). Secondly, post the output of:

ls ~/.kde/share/icons


ls ~/.kde4/share/icons - Jul 01 2011
So you went in /home/username/.kde4/share/icons/kAwOken , typed:

and it didn't work?

Can you give me the whole terminal output?

Thanks - Jul 01 2011
Done. Maybe this evening (or tomorrow evening) I'll upload a newer version (same download link) with kmess icon, so give it a try! :) - Jun 29 2011
Thanks mate, I'll check for it! :) - Jun 28 2011
I think the same. Actually, when I'll upload a first deb file through my ppa, I'll place icons in /usr/share/icons, and scripts in /usr/bin. But for now is too difficult, particularly since with KDE user icons could be either in .kde/share/icons or in .kde4/share/icons, so for now I prefer don't say anything and waiting for bugs and feedbacks before official 1.0 release.

Anyway, I'm planning to do that! :) - Jun 27 2011

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Jul 28 2013
Is already done. But in systray (or indicator applet, or whatever you want to call it) it's impossible to change! :( - Jul 02 2011
I know the problem, but for now I can't do more since I'm not using gnome3 so I can't figure out how to fix the problem. Actually I didn't think about this because I'm focusing on doing a kde port; maybe in future I'll fix the problem (surely before Ubuntu 11.10)!! - Jun 13 2011
Hi! Thanks for the compliments, really appreciated!

Anyway, I never used gnome3 (even if I plan to use it since I'll upgrade my lucid to natty) so I really don't know how AwOken iconset looks with gnome-shell.

So, to change only gnome shell icon, I should have a further hand: could you please signal me an iconset in wich only gnome shell icon is changed? So I can copy the correct name and create a gnome-shell icon in my own iconset! :)
- Jun 09 2011
You're welcome! :) - May 30 2011
Ah ah I didn't figured out those icons! :)

I really don't know, I'm not using natty so I don't know. Maybe this happens also with other iconthemes, or default iconthemes like humanity? If so, it's an issue with natty or ambiance.

However, with newer version you should fix the templates icon.. ;) - May 29 2011
Did you use latest 2.0 version? Template icon should be fixed.. :S

Anyway, to what is related the icon with a big "L" on the desktop? And the icon on the unity launcher, showing a webcam? - May 29 2011
Those theme is a deviation of mine. In mine, there's a customization script from wich you can decide if some icons are colored or not. So in my opinion, it's better using directly mine, is more updated and it gives you more choices! :) - May 29 2011
It's an open problem for me.. those emoticons are quite ugly, and I have to work on them. But I haven't any smart idea to get a good effect! Maybe the best is removing them and use default icons.

What do you think about this? - May 29 2011

Sorry for the late reply.. however, I forgot to add it to this version, but from the next you will see improving in this sense!
I added also support for coloration script.

PS: I really don't know if anyone else uses so tiny icons, but anyway it's a sustainable increase in size, so I added it to the iconset! :) - May 16 2011
Thanks! :) - May 16 2011
Yep. Probably this could solve the problem, even if I'm not sure.

Another thing you can do is configure the iconset as normal user, and then copy the awoken folder in ".icons" to the ".icons" folder of the root user.

However, glad you have solved by yourself! - Apr 22 2011
A quick search leads me to this:

It's not exactly the same you desired, but with some modifications it should help you in doing this! Unfortunately, only proper stuff I found was in italian :S - Apr 04 2011
Hi! These are application-related issues. Since that software don't follow system specifications, It's quite tricky for me get them work in the right way (I'd add an option in the customization script, and moreover this would not be sufficient), so you have to modify yourself.

Try a quick search to understand better what to do! ;) - Apr 04 2011
But are you using awoken clear right? Nothing related to awokendark o some colored iconset?

Can you signal me an iconset in wich that icon is different? So I can recognize the right name from that iconset and find it in mine.. after a long time in wich I don't touch a part of my set, I forget names and these stuff! :( - Mar 27 2011
I thought about this.. maybe the best thing I can do is making this icon equal to the start-here icon.. So it will be quite consistent! What do you think about this?

However to do the fix, just type this:

cd .icons/AwOken/clear/128x128/actions
ln -fs ../places/start-here.png package-supported.png
cd ../apps
ln -fs ../places/start-here.png package-supported.png
cd ../../24x24/actions
ln -fs ../places/start-here.png package-supported.png
cd ../apps
ln -fs ../places/start-here.png package-supported.png

Does it works? - Mar 25 2011
:) - Mar 25 2011
it exist, but you have to replace it by hand.. :( - Mar 23 2011
I thought about your proposal, but in my opinion it's too specific adding an option such this in the customization script..probably would be used only by you!
However, if you want, I can tell you few commands to get this on your computer! - Mar 08 2011
Thanks mate..!

Unfortunately a GUI is far from my possibilities, and I need help to do something like this.. I know there are also other iconsets (like acyl for example) that use a GUI, but going down in a code already done and modifying it to meet your necessities is boring and (expecially in the first phase) take a lot of time to understand it! Maybe, in a future when I have more time (now I'm doing my master thesis, so I have so much time to spend)..

You're right for nautilus (and also eog), but in this case I have to point out this: if I add a lot of exceptions and request to the user to meet the necessities of the whole linux world (that is extremely various moreover), the script would be very very complex, and would go away from the newbie and the semplicity that he needs to do these sort of stuff. So I decided not to do this, since, for example, and user (like you) that uses thunar is expected to be more expert than an ubuntu/nautilus user, so for him could be very simple hacking the code and searching where's the bug (wich in your case actually happened ;) ). However, I'll think about the best way to do this..

Also for folder-templates you're right, I'll do that icon from the next version! :) - Mar 05 2011
Can you take a screenshot of icons you want to change? - Mar 05 2011
Obviously, as any other theme. You have to specify where system can take icons that are not included in the iconset.

PS: what is E17? - Feb 16 2011
Wait a bit more (another couple of days, weeks, month.. the time I'll need to finish!), and you'll get the dark version! - Feb 16 2011
Thanks for the iconsets, I'll see where is the problem. Could you be so kind to take a screenshot of that icon with one of those working iconsets? Thanks a lot!

One thing I want to underline: so you have admitted that my script works and works fine. So, the next time, don't write such a catastrofic message like "Please Explain Why A Script?", because people feel scared about it and start to write tons of messages asking why the script doesn't works and if there is any danger using my iconset, and replying to all of them is quite annoying!! :D

If with shortcuts you mean symlinks, you are right: my script uses a lot of those. This is done to remain little in dimensions but at the same time with a huge range of customizations. Using symlinks moreover prevents a lot of problems related to errors in the script or in the iconset.

For PacManFM: do you know any iconset (showing also it in a screenshot) that is able to use different folders in PacMan? Because for nautilus the only thing I have to do is to use official GNOME folder specifications, and it works! ;) - Feb 08 2011
Thanks mate! :) - Feb 07 2011
How can I help you if you do things by hand and without using the options I provide? - Feb 07 2011
Maybe pacman uses different folder specifications, so you have to tell me another iconset that doesn't have this issue.

PS: I see you have changed folder icons, so the script runs I think.. :P - Feb 07 2011
Keep always in mind that this is an iconset draw for GNOME, so a lot of things doesn't work because you use another DE.

Firefox: if the problem is in the tint2 panel on the bottom, I already told you the reason and you have to modify the icon by hand. The buttons' color can be modified using the script.

PacMan: if the problem is in the tint2 panel on the bottom, I already told you that I'll draw an icon for pacman. The buttons' color can be modified using the script.

Video: do you know an iconset that modifies that icon?

To uninstall, the only file you have to remove is the .AwOkenrc file. - Feb 07 2011

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Apr 11 2011
Sorry, but maybe my poor english understanding made me understand wrong.. but could you please explain me in a more detailed way what do you would to have? - Apr 14 2011
Thanks. But please don't post twice (here and on

However, unfortunately I don't use docky, so I'm not able to do a docky theme.. maybe someone else? However, that awn theme is quite simple.. it would not so difficult emulate it! :) - Apr 13 2011
Thanks mate! Even if I'm not sure what do you mean with "another brutal steal".. :) - Apr 11 2011
A New Start

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Dec 09 2011
It's in the downloadable archive ;) - Mar 20 2011
I've released also the covergloobus! ;) - Mar 19 2011
:) - Mar 16 2011
Just unzip and read the readme file! This is not just a gtk theme, is a complete suite, and so it's a bit more complex! :) - Mar 15 2011
What problem do you have? - Mar 14 2011

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May 09 2012
(.. che figura di mer*a!! :) ) - Mar 01 2011
Ouch I understood.. today is 01-03!!!!

What a messy person I am.. Sorry for the error, and the long previous reply! :) - Mar 01 2011
Maybe because you're dealing with english dates.. in Italy we use dd-mm-yy, and not mm-dd-yy!!

So, also the previous update (13-02-11) was strange.. ;)

Sincerely, I really don't understand your standard.. why putting at the start the month, then the day, and then the year? We are more linear: starting from the more detailed (the day), and finishing with the coarser one (the year)!! :D - Mar 01 2011

Here's the link of the official thread in ->

Read carefully posts, you surely have a great help!

If not, post your problem and I'll reply to you..

PS: you also have an issue with top panel shadow.. check the readme pdf file to solve it! ;) - Feb 19 2011
Thanks! :D :D :D - Feb 06 2011

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