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Jul 28 2013
Thanks to you for compliments! :D - Aug 07 2010
Thanks to you for compliments! :D - Aug 07 2010
Ok clear, I'll reduce it a bit! :D - Aug 06 2010
Sorry but I didn't understood.. can you explain me again? My english is terrible..!

PS: if you can, can you show me a screenshot of this issue? Thanks! - Aug 05 2010
Consider it done! :D - Aug 04 2010

ho ricominciato a buttarmi sul set..per far uscire la 1.0!!

Dalla prossima versione pensavo di aggiungere le tue icone al set..mi piacciono molto!

Ho visto anche quelle della cpufreq..anche quelle secondo me sono molto carine..però su quelle sono ancora indeciso! Nel caso, mi daresti il permesso di aggiungerle? - Aug 04 2010
No no!
Sorry, I didn't intend this! :D

However, for the blur of the icons it's strange..I haven't heard anybody that has the same issue!

The only thing that comes to mind is trying to increase (or decrease) panel height and see what happens..or trying to change gtk theme!

If this not works, the only thing is changing the icontheme.cache, or removing all icons in 24x24px size that don't care to you.. :) - Aug 03 2010
I know I know.. just leave me some time! Opera icon is changed from the new version, older versions used opera.png! :D - Aug 02 2010
1. Can you take a screenshot? Thanks

2. I know, I'll fix this from the 1.0 version

3. There is an option in the customization script to make shutdown icon gray! :D

4. for applications-internet there is yet an icon, but the option in the script will be added only from the next version (from the next version there will be an option to change all icons from colored to grayed) - Aug 02 2010
Sorry for my response, it's not mine but from a friend of mine that helps me in this project, expecially in this period in wich I'm very busy.

I apologize for the fact, if I answered by myself I would not have done such an answer!

The issue is really fixed, but I waited a bit because I wanted to fix other problems before upload another version.

However, I've uploaded a new version. Is the 0.9, and it will have a lot of problems, but the issue related to all icon's resizing is fixed!

Sorry again

Alecive (the true :D) - Jul 31 2010
I'll fix this issue from the next release. It's fixed yet, I'm just changing something else to get a better icon set.
I'm in contact with oaxtilthegreat yet, and I've fixed the problem yet.
Your fix is not authorized. I can do this witouth your help. - Jul 31 2010
Can you take a screenshot? I need to know what icons Qt4 needs.. :D - Jul 29 2010
For empathy icons, it's a known empathy bug (I'm trying to solve it by myself).

For screenlets it's strange, nobody until now has told me something similar.. I'll take a look on the script and I'll try to solve this issue! :D - Jul 23 2010
Go to Dock Preferences->Task Manager and select from the dropdown menu "Use Best quality icon" - Jul 23 2010
It's a known empathy (=not mine) issue, I hope solve this as soon as possible! - Jul 23 2010
I don't know why, but if you google a bit, you'll find other sites in wich download the iconset, like! :D - Jul 21 2010
If you tell me what to do, I'll be happy to do this! :D - Jul 21 2010
Nice idea, I'll taking it into account.
But for now I think that the set has a lot of more important problems, such as missing icons and wrong behaviors.

In this phase I'm focusing on solving problems, so I think that I cannot focusing on colored mimetypes, at least until I release the 1.0 version!

However, it's a great idea! :D - Jul 20 2010
I solved: I've googled and found an icon great enough to meet my necessities (even if with a bigger one I think I can do a better work..) ! :D - Jul 09 2010
I've downloaded the icon (a lot of times and in different ways), but it seems that gimp/inkscape doesn't see the .svg file in the same way as in firefox..
Both gimp and inkscape (and also the preview of the file in my desktop) see a blank file with dimension 1px*1px..

Can you send me a mail with the file (or a link in hosting sites like mediafire)? Maybe I'm mistaking something.. - Jul 08 2010
There is something wrong..I never heard something similar!

It happens also with other sets? What kind of distro and computer have you? - Jul 08 2010
It's a known empathy bug.. I'll try to fix it from the next release!! :D - Jul 07 2010
I'm trying to understand what to do to make this workng on KDE.. :D - Jul 06 2010
Thanks a lot!!! :D - Jul 06 2010
consider it done! :D - Jul 05 2010
It's a known bug.. but it's an empathy bug!! :D

However, I'm trying to fix it.. :) - Jul 05 2010
Thanks a lot!!!!! :D :D :D - Jul 05 2010
From the next release, I'll add an option in the customization script that changes all coloured icons in the grayed version..!! :D

But, If you don't want to wait, you can type this in a terminal:

"cd .icons/Awoken/clear/128x128/actions

ln -fs system-lock-screen2.png system-lock-screen.png"

For the docky icon, surely i'll add it from the next release! :D - Jul 05 2010
What icons are? Can you show them in a screenshot? - Jul 01 2010
Yes sure! Wait until the next version.. :D - Jun 30 2010
It seems to be an empathy's strange, because with some people it happens, with others (including me) no! :(
But, since with other icon sets this not happens, I'm trying to understand what to do to make my set working well with empathy! :D - Jun 29 2010
But, could you gently explain me where and what doesn't work?
Thanks! - Jun 29 2010
Thanks!!! :D - Jun 27 2010
Thanks for the suggestion.. I'll try it! :D - Jun 27 2010

I've solved the problems related to this ( and this ( screenshot, but I don't know how to solve problem related to this ( screenshot.

Wich applications, among those you've installed, appears in the right-click menu? If I know wich applications they are, I'll know how to fix the problem! :D - Jun 26 2010
For Gwibber, It seems to be a problem of the application itself. Take a look here:

In the second link there is also a patch for this, and It is said that from the development release the problem was fixed..
However, if you know a way to fix this problem from my iconset, I'll be happy to implement it! :D

For the second problem, I'm sorry but I didn't understand what you mean.. My english is not very good! :(

PS: some icons (like info, application-exit, add, ..) are colored because with the color they remark their role rather than other icons..For me, this can better achieve the aim of all good iconsets, i.e. making icons clear, clean, and intuitive as possible.
Since this has caused some requests to make all the set grayish, from the next version there will be an option inside the customization script to change most icons from colored to grayed. :D - Jun 21 2010
It's simple: you must go to the "places" folder in the snow sabre set, and copy (only the folders) in ".icons/AwOken/clear/128x128/places"!!!

PS: have you tried other folder types inside my set?

PPS: From the next release, I'll include another folder type.. stay tuned! :D - Jun 21 2010
Thanks a lot! :)

My purpose is to make a set as complete as possible.. and going forward in versions I hope to reach this aim! :D

Unfortunately, there are some icons that doesn't want to change.. one of these is screenlet icon.. Indeed, I've made an option in the script to fix this issue.. try with:

./ screenlets

For SMplayer icon, I'll fix this issue from the next version! :D - Jun 18 2010
Thanks for the help! :D - Jun 17 2010
For the bluetooth, I've made a blue icon if the bluetooth is active, and a gray if the bluetooth is inactive..
Indeed, it's look ugly, I'll try to make something better for the next version..

For available-icon, and me-menu, I'll fix it in the next version!

For shutdown icon, see below.. :D - Jun 17 2010
From the next version I'll fix this issue, making an option in the script (so, if you want, you can mantain the red icon). For now, if you want, you can type this in a terminal window and fix it manually: the gray icon is already in the set! :D

cd .icons/AwOken/clear/128x128/apps/
ln -fs gnome-session-halt2.png gnome-session-halt.png
exit - Jun 17 2010
Ah scusa.. avevo capito male io.. credevo fossi il designer dell'applicazione! :D
Ora ci dò un'occhiata.. Grazie mille! :D - Jun 17 2010
eh si.. potevi scrivere anche in italiano.. ;)

Comunque innanzitutto grazie dei complimenti..

Per l'icona di liferea ho un conto in sospeso.. :D
Sto cercando di tirare fuori qualcosa che sia ancora piuttosto in tema con l'applicazione ma che non si discosti troppo dal "leitmotiv" (se mi passi il termine) del mio set..per quello che non è ancora nel set!

Infatti ho usato l'index.theme di deus, quindi prima o poi prevedo di inserirla.. direi che per la prossima versione ci sarà!

Last but not least: complimenti per la tua applicazione! Veramente! È a dir poco geniale.. :D

PS: ma per la tray usi differenti icone? Mi puoi dire i nomi? Perchè nel tema di deus non le ho trovate.. :) - Jun 16 2010
It's not right? - Jun 16 2010
Thanks a lot! :D - Jun 16 2010
Ok, I've understood. :)
The reason for wich there is only ubuntu-logo (and ubuntu-logo variations) is that I'm not crazy with gnome-logo..But clearly it's only a personal opinion!
As said by sirrodness, in this stage my main purpose is getting feedback to improve this set..

I promise that from the next version I'll update a set with all distributor logos!

PS: indeed, there is already a gnome icon in my's only gray but it works.. go to apps/gnome-logo-icon.png! :D - Jun 16 2010
Violet - Feb 2010

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Jul 02 2010
Just download the pack and install it!! :D - Jul 05 2010

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May 11 2010
Is there also an emerald theme to integrate this fantastic GTK theme!?

Thanks for the response! :D - Mar 19 2010

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elementary NG

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