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Aleksandar Radovic Kitchener, Canada

GTK3 Themes 119 comments

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Apr 27 2018
My new favorite theme, very nice, thank you paulxfce - Jul 26 2017
Ambiance Refined

GTK2 Themes 22 comments

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Jun 21 2010
Your butt is attached to a small brain. Grow up. - Jun 09 2010
New ubuntu slogan

Wallpapers Ubuntu 11 comments

by mtax
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Apr 05 2010
Your butt is attached to a small brain. Grow up. - Jun 09 2010

GTK2 Themes 73 comments

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Dec 04 2009
Thank you for your vote, and i am glad that you like the theme.I had to compromise on the look of my theme, because of menubar, i want menubar to have different color, as you can see in the screenshots. - Feb 28 2010
Most of my wallpapers i got from Desktop Nexus , and some of them for Deviantart. - Dec 09 2009
Font is called HandelGot D. - Dec 09 2009
Nothing is missing here, download link works, and I even found the theme in google search by entering search therm Wave theme.I really do not know what problems you have. - Dec 09 2009
I have to apologize for late reply, but I have one problem right now, I can`t access my linux partition and I have to reinstall grub. So please guys give me little more time, and I will share with you icons and wallpapers. - Dec 09 2009
I all ready have panel background, what i can do is to send it to you, if you want, but i need your e-mail to do so. - Dec 05 2009
You can change color of the panel. - Dec 05 2009
Icon theme are Eikon, but i changed some of the icons to suit the theme.Now i can make tar.gz file of what i have and send it to you, all I need is your e-mail. - Dec 05 2009
Theme are inspired with google wave interface, hence metacity minimize button aligned at the top, i can add one more metacity with minimize button aligned at the bottom, but not before tomorrow. - Dec 04 2009
To accommodate your request, I have to change code for the menubar in gtkrc. Downside of this change that fonts will stay black when selecting items in menu, instead of changing color to white.Before release i was thinking about this, and decided, not to do that, also theme should reflect google wave interface, so light color panel is good option.
I am sorry for the inconvenience that my decision may cause you. - Dec 04 2009
Thank you very much, I am glad you like the theme. - Dec 04 2009
I`ll see what i can do, and I will let you know when i got something usable. - Dec 04 2009
Try changing the color of your panel to much the background, rather then loading panel background. - Dec 04 2009
Can you show me picture of what exactly, you would like to have as normal scrollbars, and I can include it in the next theme update. - Dec 03 2009
It is a cool peace of software, that you can skin, and uses very little of panel space. - Dec 03 2009
Yes, I use dockbarx, you can download it from here, panel has tansparent .png background, on theleft side is mainmenu with android icon, i changed that in my icon theme, name of the file is start-here.png, right hand side clock, styles for the clock you can find here: For more details i need more time to write little how to, if you can wait till Saturday i will try to have something for you. - Dec 03 2009
For clock background i searched the google,and then I modified one analog skin clock i Rainlendar2 skins. - Dec 03 2009
Yes you are right, i will try to do something about that, for the next update. - Dec 03 2009
Base icon theme are Eikon, but i changed some icons around to better suit the theme, so, practically is mix and match.
And for wallpaper is the best if you give your mail and I will mail it to you, since i don`t remember from where i downloaded. - Dec 03 2009
Weather widget is Rainlendar2 and skin is called Statica_EN_HUD_Edit. - Dec 03 2009
Emerald theme you made is very nice, but I don`t use emerald, I made same metacity theme, I will make an update today afternoon. - Dec 03 2009
You don`t have to load background to your panel, you can also change color of your panel to much background color of humanity icons. Also can you send me a picture, of your panel so i can see what is going on. - Dec 03 2009
You can load panel-bg.png located in Wave/gtk-2.0/Panel, and you will have same color menu bar and the panel. - Dec 02 2009
I can make that metacity is not a problem, but this is wave picture i was looking for. - Dec 02 2009
I am using Eikon icons as a base, but I am modifying it to suit the theme. - Dec 02 2009
Tha`s what i did, difference is minimize button.If you can show me a picture of what exactly you mean i can make update or another metacity theme to add. - Dec 02 2009

Gnome Screenshots 4 comments

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Nov 29 2009
I think i am going to leave this version of metacity, and make one more with different maximize,minimize,and close buttons.I did them that way to give the theme more similarity with google wave interface, as you can see it in the third screenshot.However thanks for your comments, and when i am done I will notify you to download theme. - Nov 29 2009
This is link for the wallpaper, you may check that site there are lots of wallpapers there. - Nov 29 2009

Gnome Screenshots 2 comments

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Nov 16 2009
I am using Eikon theme, as a base theme, and replacing icons, such as folders etc, so there is no icon theme,Folders are called Kasual folders and you can search google,Icons in panel are called Token Light.Gtk theme is caled Elegance2, made by me, you can download it here on gnome-look,it is little bit different then the version I am running because, right now I am in process of updating theme. - Nov 20 2009

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May 01 2009
I can not download this theme, it gives me 404 error.Could you please check the link out. - Apr 27 2009
Murrine Silk

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Jun 01 2009
Why is the font and buttons on titlebar so big, do you have problems with your eyes. - Apr 26 2009
Desktop screenshots

Gnome Screenshots 2 comments

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Feb 08 2009
Thank you for your comment.

GTK / Metacity is called Winter, still work in progress, i hope to finish it soon and release it here. Icon theme are called Eikon, modified by me. Wallpapers : Just water by trancedman, Twilight by nxxos, and cb_wp_cassandra. wallpapers are found on - Feb 08 2009

GTK2 Themes 38 comments

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Aug 25 2008
I am not expert for firefox, I provided userchrome.css that makes usage of firefox fair with black menus.I am using epiphany,and it suits me well. - Aug 26 2008
There is a readme file in elegance.tar.gz that explains how to do it.If you need more help then provided in readme, send me a message and I will get back to you. - Aug 26 2008
I used OSX_icon theme, as a base, but i am changing some of the icons how i need, and when i need it. So there is no any particular icon theme. - Aug 26 2008
I can not remember, where i found it, but send me your e-mail and I will send it to you. - Aug 25 2008
Thank you, i am glad you like the theme. - Aug 25 2008
Would you like to send me a screenshot, of changes you think,they should take a place and i can make other version for you. - Aug 25 2008
Since I am using two images for the panel i can make it wider, or leave it same, it does not have to be like on screenshot.I do not mind space on the side, that is why i left as is. - Aug 25 2008
You need to install Pixmap engine, for this theme. - Aug 25 2008
Can you send me you e-mail address, I will send you explanation and two panel backgrounds. It is easy to do it since you need only gnome panels. - Aug 13 2008
Icon theme is modifed OSX_icons,name of the folders are kasual folders, you can google for it. - Aug 13 2008
Thank you I am glad,to hear that. - Aug 13 2008
Font is HandelGotD, I am using this font for a while now. - Aug 13 2008
xl_cheeselooks gtk-engine

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Jul 02 2009
Personaly I like how theme looks, only thing I would try to change are tabs.The efect for the active tab it ruins the look, I would try to do something different. Also arrows down and arrows on the comboboxes are somewhat big if they can be scaled down little bit the theme would get more polished look. - Aug 20 2008
As you can read in his comments he is realy jealous, if somebody doing good job in the engine theming, and that is why his comments are negative, and he is putting people down. He has been an ASS always but now he grew just bigger ass then before. - Aug 20 2008
Chocolate V1.0

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May 04 2008
I do not know what is it. You are using transmission, and for some reason does not shows progress bar, i guess you have to use just a text to see how much is downloaded, until i find out what is it. - Jun 15 2008

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by trece13th

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9   Jul 26 2017

GTK3 Themes
by paulxfce

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