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Utilities 347 comments

Score 77.3%
Oct 01 2010
YES the slider idea form slicker is nice - i actually wanted to suggest Basket as poart of universal sidebar.... but as slicker slider would be even more cool... - Jun 14 2004

Science 78 comments

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Oct 29 2013
yes - i'd like to encourage an eps and svg export too.

as vector formats -> these will be more capable in reusing your graphs in diffrent documents (e.g. not only think of small versions like in papers but in "bigger" versions of a graph on a DIN A0 poster...)

Adn even think of loading such an svg-graph into inkscape or sodipodi for further manipulation (e.g. make a whole poster in inkscape :-) - Jun 14 2004

Audioplayers 36 comments

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Jan 29 2014
the panel looks like XFCE...
have a look at - May 31 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 12 comments

by Yaba
Score 50.0%
Aug 20 2004
this is a kind of weird thing - but COOL :-) indeed a nice idea to use imagemagick on the fly to change the pixmaps... - May 16 2004
by adham
Score 50.0%
Sep 26 2004
very interesting app! i do have no according background so i won't really help for a new version - but keep this up :-) - Apr 26 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

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Jun 16 2005
nice you mention this - i just thought i missed something as i tried to install it on KDE3.1.4 box here... - Apr 26 2004
d'oohh it seems i mixed up your first screenshot - i thought kclip is evoked by clicking on the upper-right-icon...

I changed the text of my desktops - thanks for this!

:-) - Apr 25 2004
hmm - but still i have no idea at all how to change the text "Desktop 1,2,3,..." into a nice-looking icon..

Thanks - Apr 24 2004

just compiled and installed kclip on a kde3.1.4 system. Nice tool!

Actually I cant configure kclip. Nothing happens at all when i right-click the panel and choose "configure kclip"...

Instead of an icon i do see text...

Any idea how to change it? - Apr 23 2004