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Qt Widgets 55 comments

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Feb 19 2018
Hi, code is already compatible for Qt 4.x
Anyway I am here to support you :)
Which errors do you have? - Jun 20 2018
Hi to add Spanish it is very simple: grab the entire code take one of *.ts file, customize it for spanish, expand the code in the GUI to support the new language and test it running the app; as soon as you think everything is working fine, send it back to me and I will do a smoke test and then if it is ok I will integrate it. - Mar 13 2018
that is really strange since I am used to compile on windows using QtCreator 3.6
I think you have a problem with your Qt installation. Remove and reinstall it again should fix the problem - Feb 29 2016
I just released a new version that is capable to change keyboard layout dynamically based on the selected language - Jan 06 2016
that is feasible. I think you have to dynamically load Translation spefying the ts file and then refreshing of the QPushButton
There are a lot of example outthere on how to do this. - Dec 15 2015
Hi Alessio,
I didn't get it, sorry.
Since we are both italians, please contact me in private. - Dec 04 2015
the only things I can think about are:
1. you are writing, but there is no real textbox with focus
2. you are blocking the main loop thread

Send me the code so I can better understand the problem - Nov 07 2015
I just released new code with small improvements. The only suggestion I can give to you, if I correctly understood your question, is to use "promotion of widget" on QLineEdit with class uses focus. I changed the example to show how it works.
The only inconvenience you have to do manually on all QLineEdit in the ui designer (but the instance you want to promote to will be done only once). - Jul 31 2015
I found an old version bundled with Qt 5.x code. Since it is very old and not supported, you have to compare code to check for fixed bugs or new features. This is the best I can do! - Mar 27 2015
It is very strange this behaviour since the object is reentrant and so different instance can live all together...anyway I don't know your code, just try to create one global instance and change it when needed. - Aug 28 2014
no actually it doesn't support Qt 4.x.
You need to do some changes in order to get worked; some hints (from the virtualkeyboard Qt 5.x code):
1. QtGuiApplication -> QApplication
2. toUtf8() -> toAscii() - (optional)
3. erase "widgets" module from .pro
4. other stuff
- Apr 11 2014
Hi thanks...Really I don't know why that happen to you...Have you tried to comment that line? Please try it on desktop to see if happen on it too. - Dec 19 2012
My suggestions using win api, therefore it works for all native windows other then qt system (that is based on win api) - Jun 27 2012
Hi, too complex and low portability!
What you can do for sure on Windows:
1 - Create a service monitoring click messages on textbox/windows; so you can open a stand-alone keyboard
2 - The stand-alone keyboard, using Win API, can manipolate textboxes and style.

I'm very busy at this moment and I cannot do that; use those above:
1- GetForegroundWindow() and similar to get current focused app
2- Scan for children of app to find textbox; use GetWindow() with flags (CHILD, NEXTCHILD) and GetClassName() to find textbox instances
3- Put char in the textbox: use SendMessage() with handle of current textbox and code of key pressed in Qt keyboard
4- Change aspect using other API and handle of textbox

I hope that is a good starter for you. - Jun 27 2012
I think the way to write in processes is not good and is a little complicated due to protection of process (what you want to do is called injection and of course it could be a weak of an OS). Please show me your idea about that above. - Jun 27 2012
The code is the same as above...I've just downloaded that ;) - May 30 2012
I think you meant QtCreator 2.4 with Qt runtime 4.7.x
Yes, I've used QtCreator 2.5 with Qt runtime 4.7.4 - May 30 2012
I've downloaded the source, unpacked and successfully compiled with QtCreator 2.5 (64bit). I don't have any suggestion sorry! - May 30 2012
Hi, first of all try to use QtCreator, before that, delete .user file and then in QtCreator click on "clean all" and then on "run qmake", and then recompile. - May 30 2012
thank you for your comment!
It's very difficult to port in general way on an entire linux system... - Jan 23 2012
Sorry i didn't catch what are you doing...can you explain with more details?

Thank you - Jun 03 2011
Where can i find it?
I don't know if it is possible... - Feb 15 2011
It seems an IDE problem since virtualKeyboard was created with QT Creator 1.2

I've created a new project from scratch and now it should work with QT SDK By Nokia (Qt creator 1.3.1) and Nokia QT SDK
for mobile. - May 26 2010

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 112 comments

by clee
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Jun 13 2003
New release of virtualkeyboard with many improvements! - Jan 06 2016
New update has been released!

Many nice improvements, among others:

1. dynamic change of keyboard layout
2. source code is now compatible for Qt 4.x and 5.x
3. languages are now in the resource files
4. audio clip is now in the resource file (only Qt 5.x)

- Jan 06 2016
A new release has been done, with a big improvement to zoom functionality as well as localization languages.
Add support for German keyboard.
Check it out - Jul 31 2015
New release supports Qt 5.x framework - Mar 24 2014
New version support Qt 5.x and the new QtCreator 3.x - Mar 24 2014
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May 31 2011
Is there anyone? - Jun 01 2011
Is there anyone who is downloading from USA/Canada? - May 13 2011

Qt Tools 3 comments

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Aug 21 2017
All pourpouses you want!
Do you want create a brute force attack?
You can!
Do you want create all combinations with word and prefix?
You can
Through a custom your own plugin you can use a sofisticated architecture (grid-computing) to delivery each elaboration to your plugin and compute a particolar action through your plugin (do you want crack a password? you can!)
Plugins permit you to create your necessary code for any target and platform.
Among other things, you can use a library for generate permutations, combinations and so on...
- May 31 2010
goLinuxSMS - goWinSMS

Utilities 27 comments

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Jun 01 2011
I think that i'll do it...little time to review code and than I release source code for gpl compatibility.
Bye - Sep 23 2006
QT (or gnome) and nvidia closed driver are linked togheter...
Please see nvidia-settings tools (which is in QT or gnome), that use (closed library)! - Sep 22 2006
Uhm....are you sure!?
And than (closed nvidia) how is used within Xorg and kde?!?
Than if it is so, I just convert linked library with dinamically linked?!? - Sep 22 2006
I have gentoo linux with kde (QT library) on my laptop and for my nvidia graohic device I use a nvidia driver which is closed. So is KDE and nvidia closed driver incompatible?!?!
I don't think... - Sep 21 2006
Please contact through email

Ciao - Jan 31 2006
What do you saying?!?

P.S. che cosa significa?!? ti stupisce che sono un programmatore della vecchia scuola?!? - Jan 16 2006
Ok, but it's mine!
software is in GPL license with source;
I don't think there is illegality linking free library!
However, if it is, what license I would use to avoid this?!?

Thanks - Oct 28 2005
I don't know this!
But library was developed from me, and is free...
where is violation?!? - Oct 27 2005
You have to modify your path to correct QTDIR pointer...
You'll do this for mkspecs too and so on. - Oct 25 2005
Like i've promised...bye ;) - Oct 19 2005
Sorry, tomorrow I'll do it! - Oct 18 2005

Various Games 10 comments

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Jan 30 2018 app, fortunately, is not commercial application!!
But free of charge... - Oct 20 2005
And than?!?!
There are many software to do this...therefore, are all these useless?!?!?
Mah... - Oct 19 2005
Please read better...
KSuperEna is for win, but KEnal is for linux! - Oct 19 2005