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Anthony Mercatante Clichy, France
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Jan 27 2010
The point is that kdesudo uses the root UID to start commands (not the user's profile due to potential profile corruption in gnome and kde config...)

Here is the bug I'm talking about :

or simply search for "kcontrol empty" over google, and you'll see that's a very common problem...

For some reason, new users on your machine would get an empty kcontrol list.

I'll investigate to override the issue, but the real cause seems to be kde itself... - Feb 22 2008
kcmshell (kdelibs): WARNING: Could not find module 'kdm'.

This bug is due to recent version of kde and ksyscoca...

It happens randomly on some machines, and I didn't found the solution yet... Still investigating on that point...
A few ubuntu users also reported that one, mostly with kde 3.5.8, which I sispect to be the cause of the issue somehow.

This is the same bug sometimes causing kcontrol to be empty on some machines, and is probably due an environement variable missing...

Can you paste me your "sudo -S -H -- env" result please ?

Also, concerning the minimum sudo version required, I really think your previous sudo had a bug in it, and due to the manpage content you reported, I'd say that your version should have worked, despite of the bug... I can't unfortunatelly test all sudo versions to check the minimum required... - Feb 22 2008
Then, this is a bug you should report on gentoo concerning the sudo ebuid...
The man page refers that it is possible to define env vars before the -- flag.
If it doesn't work, this is a sudo bug...
Upgrading to newer sudo will fix the issue ! - Feb 19 2008
Ho and also, can you check if your sudo manpage has that the -- flag described in it ?
If not, I suspect only a sudo upgrade on gentoo will make it to work, and then I should document the minimum sudo version required. - Feb 18 2008
Interesting... Works for me on ubuntu and debian...

It looks like your sudo doesn't accept the "--" tag defining where the command starts...
Can you try the following command in the shell ?
sudo -S -H MYVAR=test -- env

This works for me and I can see MYVAR in the env variables list...
I suspect it won't work for you.

Also, then can you tell me the version of sudo you are using ?

I use 1.6.9p10 - Feb 18 2008
The crash was due to double pclose usage...
Fixed in version 2.4.
Thanks for reporting the issue :) - Feb 18 2008
Can you please provide a few informations on that point, as I can't seem to reproduce :
- What is the exact command you typed in ?
- Which distribution and version where you using ?
- Which version of KDE are you using ?
- Can you provide a "strace" of the command please ? - Feb 17 2008

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Jan 19 2007
No issue for me with automake1.9.
Just replace the "admin" folder with the latest kdebase one, and regenerate Makefiles with make -f admin/Makefiles.common
The build then goes nicelly with automake1.9 - Jan 20 2007

Dolphin Service Menus 229 comments

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Oct 31 2019
Last version really works fine.
I tried with many different files, combined ogg and mp3 and the result is absolutly excellent.
Keep the good work on !! - Sep 05 2005
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Mar 12 2010