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Kup Backup System

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I would love to use Kup in Kubuntu 20.04.
Bup however is no longer in the Ubuntu packaging making versioned backups no longer possible.
Is it possible to package it with Kup - in a Flatpak etc?
Thanks. - May 02 2020
Hey Hemoo023, I did check that out but could not find anything useful for an idiot to understand. The link Installation:

For installation notes, please use:
brings the reply:

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Great video! How do I get it installed on KDE Neon though? Is there a .deb. appimage, snap etc or an idiots guide/ instructions on how to use the terminal/Konsole to install? Thanks. - Jun 27 2018
Hi. How do I install this? I cannot see anything in the docs. Thanks. - Jun 26 2018