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Andrey Doubinine Niszhniy Tagil, Russian Federation
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Micha Barton mod6 & mod2

Wallpaper Other by studioz 6 comments

Please try again...
Without hlugins. - Dec 09 2006

Wallpaper Other by mishatka 2 comments

Галя, тебе надо размещать свои работы на - там много твоих будущих друзей и единомышленников, я сам оттуда, хоть и живу на Урале.
Я художник, смотри мои картины на:
Удачи. - Jun 04 2006
Twins (no logos)

Wallpaper Other by tichy 4 comments

Really no bad. Thank You.
In first this is good Idea.
Good luck! - Apr 04 2006
Searching Fields 1600x1200

Wallpaper Other by aussiefax 2 comments

Are you CRASY? :)
I'm glad if not so.
All right, now you may go in home.
I'm sorry. Good bye. - Apr 02 2006

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by andrD 2 comments

Hi Katty!
So i think your design also is not so bad, good begin!
I hope I'll
be surprised of your new jobs.
About me - I'm artist(oil on canvas- as usual), famous in Russia and Japan, businessman. I live in Russia, russian.
Take care! - Apr 02 2006
Firefox Wallpaper

Wallpapers Firefox by SeanParsons 4 comments

This is no design.
I'm professional designer, and i can't
see design now, so what is it?
Go in home, "artist".
- Mar 08 2006

Wallpaper Other by shik45 1 comment

Are you addict to this pohtoeffect(plugin)??
Maybe you'll take 1-3 hours and make real thing? I think you must find orginal research.
By the way - I like not your current artwork. As I told you must use more time. You mus to find something in your
mind(maybe dreams)
Ecxcuse for bad English because I am russian - 8-)))..

So good luck... - Jun 01 2005
Gtk Radiant icon

Icon Sub-Sets by ZEphYR_double 4 comments

Good Impression!
are ou artist(professional)?
I'm professional artist and want to
say - this is unusually look,
really good. - May 23 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by mart 48 comments

So if this is all your originally
icons by your hand - I congratulate you!
You are real artist. - May 22 2005
FairytaleWorld Icons Themes

Icon Sub-Sets by chunxiayu 43 comments

In first hello!
I see you can make very good work.
Eeah!it is beautiful. But it is not
your style. You take already maked style and create new iconset.
So now you have to make YOUR style.
You need 10-15 days for it. You must
think every minues about it.
I see you very goog artist. So make
a new super style! Now you have all for it! Just 1-2 week and become revolution in Your artist's mind!
So good Luck! I like Your Job! It's very good, but NO RELAX! - Dec 02 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by andrD 3 comments

Do I badly know English, how correctly I understood you? I do not know.
O.K. you can soon download new Laptop icons. - Nov 15 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by andrD 3 comments

Well, I will clean all stickers and you can soon download this.
Do I badly know English, how correctly I understood you? I do not know. - Nov 15 2004
I Am K-D-E...

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by andrD 5 comments

you can download this icons
in icon contest on
It is my own work, by my hand. - Nov 14 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by andrD 2 comments

I have because of, that on destkope Lynx works with varicoloured texts strings... - Nov 14 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by andrD 2 comments

Thanks...So I promise You, I will
send this icons, soon, maybe in 2-3 days.
- Nov 13 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by alexdark 2 comments

If this tux you make by hand -
I congratulate You!
All detals is veru beautiful!
So why rating if this splash is not big?
I think it's great job! - Nov 10 2004
theobroma's Kpdf

Various Artwork by theobroma 10 comments

You need to endeavour, your design
too corresponds to the present fashion, but a fashion changes. Think of something
permanent, which it is impossible to repeat,
but that to all pleased. Successes!

P.S. You have large creative capabilities.
You work beautifully, but it is needed always to study new.
- Nov 09 2004
Processor KDE

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by andrD 9 comments

Well...Thank You rraab!
I can do it, but impossible make active
animation about this actions( i mean
hardware status) of course i will
upload new version "Processor KDE",
and hope it be better.
Exuse me for bad English... ;)))
Good Luck! - Oct 20 2004
irregular planet

Wallpaper Other by masterpikx 3 comments

Hello masterpikx!!!
I like your Job! Are you artist?
I'm professional artist and i think your planets is very beautiful!
Please tell me: which paintProgram you
use for such wonderful jobs?
For example i like Adobe Photoshop.
I will be wait your answer...)))
Good Luck! - Oct 18 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by probono 6 comments

You must just click the little(preview)
than you can see what you wish.
I thin we must no use system or oter
paintings, icons... We have to make original jobs.
Good Luck!
P.S. But download is broken.( - Oct 18 2004