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Andrej Soroj
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KFaenza icon patch

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Oct 08 2012

I haven't enough time to make icons or modify and test set, now. But as for the openoffice icon, I think you can use official icons (here It's looking not so bad. - Jun 16 2013
I usually don't use firefox, but I decide to install it and check icons. And in my case all elements look good. (

But as I can see on your shot, you use desktop or firefox theme without window header where window control buttons must be placed. So... To my mind that firefox theme has wrong links to max\min icons. And I even don't know, how I can help in this case. - Mar 24 2013
Thanks! And sorry for the long wait.

As for issue, can you take a screenshot when you see a black icon. And please let me know what app do you use, because as I know Telepathy is a software framework, not a concrete program. - Mar 24 2013
Hm, you're right, but I haven't seen this icon in Dolphin. I think right and left close icons may have the same icons now. But I can draw different icons with left and right arrows later. - Sep 06 2012
OS-K Icons for KDE4

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Nov 04 2012
Could you make a preview for this icon set? It would be very useful. - Nov 04 2012
KFaenza Smplayer icon theme

SMPlayer/MPlayer 6 comments

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Oct 23 2012
I think you are right. Probably it Kwin screwed up my screenshots. - Oct 24 2012
To my mind it seems appear when I take a screenshot using KSnapshot using "Window under cursor" capture mode and then add white background. So when I take screenshot In "Rectangular region" capture mode using white color as desktop background, it looks fine.
Look at this:

P.S. Sorry, I haven't noticed these bad corners at once. - Oct 23 2012
Hm... I use gentoo and I built bespin v9999(as I know it means that it built from repository sources) 08/16/2012. With use flags: kde,plasma,windeco.

So, As I understand you mean that shadows on right and left side? It was all time while I use my style.

My Style.conf =

I don't make any patch except editing my bespin config using gui.

P.S. I wonder what's wrong? to my mind it looks very nice... - Oct 23 2012
Elementary qtcurve

QtCurve 4 comments

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Nov 28 2012
It's plank, dock from elementaryos. - Oct 20 2012

Full Icon Themes
by snakebite

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9   Sep 13 2012