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Andreas Limpert Salz, Germany
MacUltimate Leopard

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Jan 27 2010
I tried it with ubuntu 9.04 now. it works. :)

Seems to be a problem with LinuxMint. - Jun 17 2009
If i do the installation with the "Install" button, the window closes after the installation. So.. i don't know if it was successful. Normally there is a windows like "installation complete" or something like that..

but i'll try it out at ubuntu 9.04 now. :-)

Do you run LinuxMint7, too? And it works? Or do you use Ubuntu? - Jun 17 2009
I've got a problem with the network-manager-applet.
It says something like "the network-manager-applet can't find the necessary ressources and can't be applied".
I've put the icons in all the icon-folders.

I'm running Linux Mint 7... - Jun 17 2009