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Agustianes Umbara Jakarta, Indonesia
Faenza Fresh

Icon Sub-Sets by funnyguy 44 comments

Nice work, I love your comix and pidgin icon. Very nice indeed!

I wonder if you could make icons for some of my fave apps:
1. gvim
2. vbaexpress
3. chmsee
4. dosemu

Thank you! - Apr 20 2011
Faenza Blue - Dark Panels

Full Icon Themes by devi710 21 comments

Hi, It's a nice icon theme, I like it a lot. BTW, what GTK and metacity theme used in the screenshot? - Dec 22 2010
No-Title Slim

Metacity Themes by kaathewise 3 comments

Hi, I like this theme and your idea :). Maybe you should tell people about how to resize a window, e.g. using ALT+middle_mouse_button.

BTW, what program and theme do You use to display the system status? I think it's not Conky, is it? - Jul 20 2010
.aura desktop

GTK2 Themes by ep5il0n 8 comments

finally, i found the best theme for my old laptop.. :)

at first time a was surprised when i see pypanel's cpu consumption. It consumed about 95% cpu cycle constantly.
I thought it was pypanel's bug (bcoz this is the first time i use it :))
Then i inspect my .pypanelrc and found that you set clock_delay to zero... i set it to 20 and my pypanel now consumes reasonable cpu cycle.

i don't know whether you intend to do it so, but it makes my old laptop overheat...

anyway, you made an excellent job! Thanks a lot!

..sorry for my english... - Nov 24 2007

Full Icon Themes
by jennie

Feb 12 2010
Faenza Blue - Dark Panels

Full Icon Themes
by devi710

9   Dec 22 2010