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Anuj Choudhary Chennai, India
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Jan 28 2008
Sorry to hurt your feelings.
I just write what i am doing here.
I have not updated the archives till now.
i will put a set of filesystem and few other icons next week.
i just write the changelog to keep track of things.
If you are offended, i can't help it.
It's not my fault that just a small edit on the description puts it on the updated list.
- Jan 28 2008
hey ,
these are random icons and you can manually change the icons for a particular file type or folders.
sorry for not providing as a theme. - Jan 28 2008
dear brittany,
the links on both the sites are working fine.In case you are not able to access rapidshare, i have hosted them at too.
those links are also there on both the websites.
I am mailing you the iconset though.
- Jan 28 2008
Ya i am from iitm.
third year Naval arch, ganga hostel.
which atch are you from. - Jan 22 2008
my friend i can't upload files more than 750KB and the files i have are 15 mb
and 7mb.
you can mail me your email ID and i will be glad to mail you directly. - Jan 22 2008
The download links provided here redirects to my homepage.You can download files from there.
Cheers, - Jan 21 2008
I am delighted to create an icon theme for these.It can take time though as i am an undergraduate student with immense workload.Still, i will create it. I guess within a month or so.
- Jan 20 2008
I am glad that you like the icon set.
I got lot of downloads today and will keep posting.I have a lot more to offer. - Jan 19 2008