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C. Schubert
Diamond Crush

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I've you would've read some words on their homepage you wouldn't need to have guessed:

"[...] the Diamonds Project, a free didactic collaborative project to learn on the field how a videogame is actually produced and completed, making use of agile programming methodologies, such as Test Driven Development (TDD) and Extreme Programming (XP)"

maybe not actually KDE related, but doesn't look commercial neither - Apr 25 2006
DVD Rip-O-Matic

Video Apps by meneerdik 125 comments

hdparm ain't very successfull in that (as well as setcd)
under windows I am able to slow it down (CD-Bremse) but found no tool which would do it under linux ... - Mar 08 2005
DVD Rip-O-Matic

Video Apps by meneerdik 125 comments

... how am I going to endure the estimated 8,5 hours encoding time while my DVD drive sounds like it was going to take off?

- use big read-ahead buffers (sth. like 256 MByte) so that the drive doesn't spin up too often
- let the DVD drive spin slower
- copy the DVD to disk, encode afterwards
- ???

what do you do and how can I (noob) do it? - Mar 07 2005