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mario rouillardeau

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Nov 16 2019
Ok Paul, your call. I understand that it is not an easy task.
I think the most popular distros which have an Xfce DE have move to GTK3. (Manjaro, Mint, Ubuntu ?). I use Manjaro Xfce with Nemo (Thunar is pretty doll). I note the colourful themes that you create on pling. I am pretty bored with all those grey MAC alike themes. That's why I was asking for different colours. Not to critic the others developers by so far, there is a lot of uninspiring themes.

Thanks ! - Nov 06 2019
Yes you kept your word. Port to xfce, excellent. Thanks

I was looking at your others themes and a lot are for gnome only. They look very professional. It will be awesome if some of those could be port to XFCE, like Arongin, Telinkrin and my preferred one, Orangini. I notice that you have a preference for grey but it will be fun to explore others colours. It is really an art to pick a pleasing matching colours set. Btw, I don't like either all those dark themes which are moving to full black. Who use that ? - Nov 06 2019

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Nov 16 2019
Great PaulXfce but can you make it for Xfce too !!! (Manjaro Xfce) - Nov 03 2019

GTK3 Themes 18 comments

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Nov 02 2019
Good looking. Could you had xfce support ? (Manjaro) - Oct 14 2019
material-black COLORS Complete Desktop

GTK3 Themes 39 comments

by rtl88
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Nov 13 2019
What is it with all those terribly too dark themes ? Unusable. - Oct 08 2019
Materia Manjaro Dark

Full Icon Themes 5 comments

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Nov 03 2019
way too dark. - Oct 08 2019
Materia Manjaro Dark GTK

GTK3 Themes 44 comments

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Nov 03 2019
way too dark my friend - Oct 08 2019
OS Catalina

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1 day ago
Looks like your archive (light theme) wont decompress correctly. I get this error on Xfce Manjaro - "Lzma library error. No progress is possible" - Oct 06 2019
Thanks but I get an error on decompression.
> symbolic link cannot be created toward 128x128: The file already exist.

tar: Os-Catalina-icons/128x128@2x : un lien symbolique ne peut pas être créé vers « 128x128 »: Le fichier existe
tar: Os-Catalina-icons/16x16@2x : un lien symbolique ne peut pas être créé vers « 16x16 »: Le fichier existe
tar: Os-Catalina-icons/22x22@2x : un lien symbolique ne peut pas être créé vers « 22x22 »: Le fichier existe
tar: Os-Catalina-icons/24x24@2x : un lien symbolique ne peut pas être créé vers « 24x24 »: Le fichier existe
tar: Os-Catalina-icons/64x64@2x : un lien symbolique ne peut pas être créé vers « 64x64 »: Le fichier existe
tar: Arrêt avec code d'échec à cause des erreurs précédentes
- Aug 26 2019

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Sep 28 2019
You are kidding, right ? - Sep 29 2019

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by tarma
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Nov 03 2019
I like those icons but I prefer the old "places" icons. I download them and install them into the ".icons" folders. Rename the new ones to "places_new" and the old version to "places". Still the system revert to the gnome icons. What am I doing wrong ? (Manjaro xfce) Tx - Sep 22 2019
Thanks but I kept copies of the previous versions. May be possible to include then in the new release, so people have a choice ? Something like the "shadow" round icons sets (if I remember correctly) which has both available.

Btw the way, having separate archive for dark and light panel is brilliant. As I found out, very few "light" theme bother with the panel icons which become invisible.
Tx - Jul 23 2019
What happen with the original korla theme (1.12) ? It is not available anymore. I way prefer the folders set from the original. - Jul 22 2019
There is an error in the index files. They are called Kora and not Korla. - Jul 22 2019
I love those. Is it possible to fix the panel icons of "korla light" on a light theme (Manjaro xfce) ? I assume that the korla light version is for light theme. Right now in that case, all the panel icons (network,update,sound) are clear white and invisible. Can you have a look ? Thanks - May 27 2019
9 excellent - May 25 2019
Os Catalina Gtk

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Oct 22 2019
One of the hundred Mac OS inspired themes with another colour variation (ice blue). The theme is well done and great for xfce distros. (Manjaro xfce). Tx
Tx - Jul 29 2019
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 iconpack

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Jul 17 2019
Where is it ??? - Jul 16 2019
Ultimate-Plata Icon Superpack

Full Icon Themes 20 comments

by rtl88
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Oct 25 2019
Thanks but can you check out the archive "Ultimate-Plata-Suru++Aspromaurus-Gradient-Icons_1.2", it has an error in decompression : /int/64@2x/flag-ar.svg no such file or directory - Jul 11 2019

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Jun 23 2019
Beautiful theme. Thanks for supporting XFCE, it look great on Manjaro with the Blue-Manjaro icons theme. I finally switch from my dark theme. Thanks. - Jun 10 2019
IceBlue for Xfce

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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Apr 22 2019
Lovely theme Paul but has a major problem on the taskbar. The date and clock font are huge. (Manjaro Xfce) - May 12 2019
WoW xfwm4

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 2 comments

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Apr 30 2019
Hii, way too dark. Thanks - May 01 2019

Full Icon Themes 121 comments

by Barud
Score 80.4%
Jul 23 2019
That's admirable works. Such dedication and quality went into this icon set. Thank you very much and keep going please. - Apr 11 2019
+ - Apr 11 2019
Suru Plus 30 Barcelona

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Apr 29 2019
here is the tray (panel) icons. Very pale

This is the drive icons used on thunar and desktop for drives-file manager. Matter of taste but not very nice.

Here we go again, like last time. I will try to find out which icons are used for the tray.
As for the poomoxx gizmo, how can I modify your icons set if I cannot load your theme ? Anyway, forget about this one for me.

Don't despair, these are not critic about your work but ideas to make it perfect !
Cheers mon ami ... - Mar 08 2019
Sorry, I notice that the drives icon (blurry circle) is also use on the desktop. Imo not my best choice. - Mar 07 2019
The only issues that I have is the tray icons (sound, network, updates) which are too pale for a light theme. Also to be picky, the drive icons in Thunar are a bit odd . A blurry circle with a small pick. I guest it's a HDD arm on a platter? It's better in Nemo (monochrome icons?). The others icons are lovely.

I am new with Oomox so how do I "import" your theme in the program ?

Ok Suru++ Dark is for dark theme obviously so Suru ++ is for light theme so it should be optimized for those.

Merci ! - Mar 07 2019
If I could suggest an easier way to deal with the use of your icons on clear or dark themes, it may be better to provide two different sets of icons ready to go, as some do.
Btw I didn't realize that we met before on another icons project. Glad to see you are still making them. Tx - Mar 06 2019
OK got it install with the AUR but I have no idea how that works. There is no suru++25 to select. Is that a preset ? - Mar 05 2019
Really nice work. A lot of work ! Now I have a request, since I am using a light theme, is it possible to have a dark set of icons in the panel (tray) ? Right now those are too clear and hardy seen. Thanks !!!! (Manjaro Xfce 18) - Mar 05 2019
AvionX Theme

GTK3 Themes 24 comments

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Feb 15 2019
Hum , I tried v1.7 but I don't see any difference in XFCE Manjaro. It's the same very dark blue. I think Manjaro Xfce use GTK3. Thanks - Feb 04 2019
+ - Jan 29 2019
Beautiful design. However the very dark blue accent doesn't work for me. I would suggest something softer (Manjaro Xfce). Thanks - Jan 29 2019

GTK3 Themes 58 comments

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Oct 30 2019
Yes please ! The theme is original and very nice but without the proper decoration I can't use it on Manjaro Xfce. Many Thanks !!! - Jan 29 2019
Xfce/Xfwm4 Theme Windows 10

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 4 comments

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Oct 23 2018
Nice but It does not work in Manjaro Xfce. Nothing in the appearance settings. - Oct 27 2018
Blue Manjaro icon pack

Full Icon Themes 4 comments

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May 09 2018
+beautiful - Sep 29 2018
Really nice. Beautiful with Adapta theme on Manjaro xfce. Could you please continue the development. A few icons problems with dark themes, the action icons in whisker, locations in thunar or system windows are too dark. This is probably meant for light themes. Also the volume control icon is wrong. Thanks a lot. - Sep 29 2018

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 70 comments

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Oct 28 2019
Awesome II ! You did it. They work great in Manjaro now. Thank you very much. - Sep 03 2018
Exactly, they are migrating in bunch to GTK3 (manjaro). Not your fault. I hope you can follow soon because your themes are the best for XFCE, hands down. Thanks. - Jul 15 2018
I have check it out in VB with an older version. The change happen with the new Thunar manager (1.8 now, was 1.6 before). The theme doesn't look the same anymore with that. Still since Manjaro xfce is the most popular distro now, it may be a good idea to fix it. - Jul 14 2018

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 38 comments

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Sep 07 2018
Awesome II ! You did it. They work great in Manjaro now. Thank you very much. - Sep 03 2018
+Awesome - Sep 03 2018
Suru Plus Aspromauros

Full Icon Themes 49 comments

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Jun 05 2019
Thanks ! I am using the theme on my two computers now. So if you are considering another version, could you please check if you can get those icons added : ice, nomacs, ocenaudio, tilda, vokoscreen and parlatype. No rush. Tx - Jul 17 2018
Not me, the guy goes with the surname "Bill_T" at the Manjaro forum. He's the guy who didn't let go until we find it. - Jul 16 2018
It's Maurice. Anyway with the help of the Manjaro guys, they find out the problem with the sound icon. You are missing 4 icons. You have to copy those in "suru-plus-aspromauros-master/status/16/"

audio-volume-high.svg > audio-volume-high-panel.svg
audio-volume-medium.svg > audio-volume-medium-panel.svg
audio-volume-low.svg > audio-volume-low-panel.svg
audio-volume-muted.svg > audio-volume-muted-panel.svg

They seems to use those names instead. It's a "variable" icon depending on the volume settings.

Cheers ! - Jul 16 2018
Btw it works fine in Mint xfce 19 (correct icon). Both Manjaro and Mint use the "pavucontrol" volume control in the taskbar. - Jul 16 2018
For the sound control icon on the taskbar, if that can help you, I just notice that, that crossed/circular icon is use for "cancel" in the logoff/shutdown/etc ... dialog box. - Jul 15 2018
Sound icon - here I re-post the picture ;

Hum I don't recall installing Viewnior and SpaceFm in xfce. They seems to be by default in the Menu. No big deal. - Jul 15 2018
Very nice and originals icons - Jul 15 2018
Hey hey, you did it ! Pretty awesome. Thanks. There are tons of icons. The only ones missing (very minor) in Manjaro XFCE are Spacefm, HP device manager, Viewnior. Nothing really. Similar icons can probably be copied for those.

When you have time can you look at the sound control icon in the taskbar (Manjaro xfce). Like I mention before, it is a circle with a strike across it. Not sure if you have control of that. - Jul 15 2018

Full Icon Themes
by tarma

Score 89.2%
9   May 25 2019
9 excellent

Full Icon Themes
by Barud

Score 80.4%
9   Apr 11 2019
AvionX Theme

GTK3 Themes
by solsticeman

Score 65.6%
9   Jan 29 2019
Score 63.3%
9   Sep 29 2018

by paulxfce

Score 82.1%
9   Sep 03 2018
Suru Plus Aspromauros

Full Icon Themes
by gusreis1989

Score 81.0%
9   Jul 15 2018
Very nice and originals icons
Suru Plus 25.2 Dark

Full Icon Themes
by gusreis1989

Score 81.1%
9   Jul 08 2018
Very nice.
flat icons Oranchelo

Full Icon Themes
by zayronXIO

Score 86.4%
9   Jun 22 2018
+Nice and getting better continuously.Tx
Score 67.1%
9   Feb 12 2018
Discover that lovely theme. Very original. I like it. Wish it works with Mint 18.3 (Cinnamon part)

by paulxfce

Score 83.4%
9   Jan 14 2018
Score 80.0%
9   Nov 25 2017
Score 81.2%
9   Dec 08 2016
Score 63.3%
9   Aug 29 2016