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Dmitriy Simbiriatin Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
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by Zak0
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Aug 28 2010
It has to be the default theme in any GNU/Linux distribution!!! - Aug 17 2010
Elegant Gnome Pack

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Nov 16 2010
So, if your "default" folder linked to the "DMZ" icon set, just rename "default" folder to the "default_bak" and create the symlink to the ComixCursors-Black-Regular folder and name it as "default". - Aug 16 2010's kinda difficult for me, coz i've never used the Opensuse before.
Ok, let's see.. Do you have a "Default pointer" in the cursors list? - Aug 16 2010
Droid Sans, size 9, DPI 96, Subpixel/Slight with "Cleartype" patches. - Aug 15 2010
1. Run this command:
sudo sed -i -e 's/Name=DMZ/Name=ComixCursors-Black-Regular/g' /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme
2. Restart your X server.

For your friend with ubuntu:
1. sudo sed -e -i 's/Inherits=DMZ-White/Inherits=ComixCursors-Black-Regular/g' /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme
2. Restart X server.
- Aug 15 2010
Can you do this command:
sudo gedit /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme
and copy the contents of this file here. - Aug 15 2010
Do you use Ubuntu? - Aug 15 2010
Ok, it just looks like, that you've changed the GTK colors manually before, but when you do something manually, you should understand what you do, to return everything back. So i don't really understand about what "bug" you are talking about. Script applied the new GTK theme and did this as it should, this is what actually it suppose to do. You got a specific use-case, wich the script shouldn't cover. - Aug 13 2010
The AwOken icon theme still got some bugs, that i've already fixed before, like icons for ubuntu messaging menu, icon for not installed packages in synaptic, missing icons in ubuntu software center, etc. Also it includes bunch of icons that i don't use at all, like icons for different folder colors, dark-gray icons, bunch of distro logos etc.

About the Re Crono theme, it was also modified with different fixes.
I took the Re Crono theme as a base for Elegant GTK, but almost all parts of that theme were changed: metacity theme, breadcrumbs style, panel style, colors, etc.
With this theme i try to get rid of things that i don't like in Re Crono.
Actually this is the last release of the pack with the Re Crono theme.

About the cursors, I think about changing the current theme, coz the current cursors is too dark for a new GTK theme, maybe it will bases on the ComixCursor souces, at least for now, i can't say exactly. I've been trying to find good-matching cursors, but still with no luck. - Aug 12 2010
Ok, i've googled a bit about this app, and as i understood it uses wxWidgets as a GUI toolkit, this toolkit has an ability to look like a GTK app, but sometimes it doesn't use GTK colors correctly. - Aug 12 2010

Actually i don't use amule(i don't even know what it is), so i need at least a screenshot, coz it can be just an application-related problem. - Aug 12 2010
I've faced such problem once before, the way to fix this is to remove ~/.gconf/apps/compiz folder and restart X server. - Aug 10 2010
It's works, coz 1st - i've test it already by myself, 2nd - you are not the first one who install this pack from ppa.
Actually i've checked this again, and it works as it should. - Aug 10 2010
Ok, so another question is what you don't like in breadcrumbs style? Actually, I think the best way is download and test the theme ;) It doesn't go with the Elegant GNOME pack, at least for now, so just download it manually. - Aug 10 2010
Yeah, already saw this, actually this is not an issue, coz the text color for the GTK theme is white and this is how it should be. The only way to "fix" this is to make a workround for the GTK theme, but it'll take some time. - Aug 10 2010
Have you tried a preview or release version of the new theme? Coz the breadcrumbs style changed from that time. - Aug 10 2010
Hm, I have only v 0.3.0,but anyway, it should do its job.
Remove the pack with this script, and then install a new version. - Aug 10 2010
It's not possible to install the firefox's files automatically coz the profile's folder name is different on different machines. - Aug 10 2010
1. Download "Firefox"
2. a) Copy the files userChrome.css and userContent.css to ~/.mozilla/firefox/yourprofile.default/chrome/
b) Restart Firefox

- Aug 10 2010
Thanks, actually it's not finished yet, it will have 2 window border themes: with the rounded and squared corners, also i gonna play around a bit with the breadcrumbs style.
Also the firefox theme for the light GTK isn't ready yet. - Aug 10 2010
What things do you like and dislike? Actually, i'm interested in details. - Aug 09 2010
Icons in minitube will be fixed with the next icon release( this is an icon theme bug). About the other stuff, i'll check it. - Aug 08 2010
The links don't work. - Aug 08 2010
Yeah, This is a Chrome bug. - Aug 06 2010
Unfortunatelly, No. It'll take some time to look through the Empathy sources and make a workround for this. - Aug 06 2010
Actually there is no need to install the pack from sources if you use Ubuntu. There is a PPA for Ubuntu, so you just need to add a PPA and install package from here, that's it.

Sorry, but i don't really understand usefulness of your script. Anyway, thank you for the review of my pack. - Aug 06 2010
I've already made a fix for this. So just wait for a new release(hope in 2-4 days) - Aug 05 2010
Actually, a new version of the AwOken icon theme will be released soon(and i'm waiting for it to include in the next release of my pack), so I hope there will be an icon for xchat, but until then I can't say you something certain. - Aug 04 2010
Hm, i's really strange, anyway a new version of the package will be released soon, so i'll try to fix all this.

Thanx for staying with this theme. - Aug 04 2010
Have you installed package "elegant-gnome" or "elegant-gnome-mint"? Coz it's looks like you've installed "elegant-gnome", wich is for Ubuntu. - Aug 04 2010
No no, I asked to add "menu bar", not a "mint menu". - Aug 04 2010
Actually i noticed this "bug" only in Ubuntu, coz it has the "default" folder by default. For example in Archlinux, you don't have the "default" theme for a cursor, so it'll work as it should. - Aug 04 2010
Actually i can't do anything with the icon in Totem, coz the ubuntu theme uses svg icons(vector icons), and AwOken theme uses png icons(bitmap icons) with the 128x128 size as a max resolution. If you don't understand the difference between vector and bitmap images, i'll be difficult for me to explain you this, so just google it.

Icon theme got the icons for simple-scan(if you got a colored icon, this is how it should be), nvidia-settings and acrobat reader, I think that this icons just got a wrong names, so they don't work as they should. Anyway, the new version of icon theme will be released less then in 1 week, and i'll include this version of the icon theme in the next release of my pack.

The wallpaper has the original resolution, so i can't do anything with this. - Aug 04 2010
Yeah, it works correctly. Just one thing to check, add the "Menu Bar" applet on your panel, and say me, if it got the same original mint icon, or grey as it should. - Aug 04 2010
Actually no, this is how firefox works with the dark themes(and this is not right, coz it shouldn't use gray gtk color for the web page entries). Use the useChrome.css and userContent.css, to make all the fields white. - Aug 03 2010
1. Just right-click on your desktop, then choose "Change Desktop Background". Choose the tab "Theme", then press the button "Customize", go to the tab "Pointer" and choose the pointer you want. Restart X server(Log Out and then Log In).

2. Open your terminal, then press "Edit -> Profile Preferences", there is a checkbox "use the system fixed width font" in tab "General". Just try to check/uncheck this checkbox and see if it helps. - Aug 03 2010
Black?,No. - Aug 03 2010
Yeah, go to /usr/share/icons/AwOken/extra/Pidgin, there are 2 folders, copy this folders in /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin
- Aug 03 2010
Actually you can find this information in README. The archive named as elegant_gnome_bak.tar.gz in ~/.elegant_gnome_backup. - Aug 02 2010

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Jul 28 2013
I've done the things that you asked me to do, but unfortunatelly without any luck. - Aug 15 2010
I know about this, but this returns us back to the problem with the huge icons in empathy,minitube and bunch of other apps. - Aug 12 2010
I can confirm this. I've already wrote about this before. - Aug 11 2010
Hi, i've sent you a private message like 2 days ago, maybe you just haven't seen it,but it'll be great if you reply it. - Aug 07 2010
Ok, as soon as version 1.0 will be released, i'll check this again, maybe I just messed up somewhere.

Just a small request from me: an icon for "docky", of course if it's possible. - Aug 03 2010
I'm not trying to press on you :) i'm Just trying to help. - Aug 02 2010
1. Here we go.
Top image - how it was in beta 2 and the bottom image is how it's now.

Also take a look at Opera icon, coz it doesn't work, it got name "opera.png", but if i'm not mistaken, opera icon should be named as "opera-browser.png" - Aug 02 2010

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Aug 19 2010
And? This is unuseable coz it breaks all the web-page style. - Aug 15 2010
The problem of such dark themes(actually i like dark themes, but rather grey,than black) is when you use web-browser, 90% of web-pages use the white or light colors, so this makes a huge contrast for your eyes. - Aug 15 2010
Lex Green Metallic

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Jan 05 2011
It looks like this guy just makes fun of you ;), but maybe i'm wrong... - Aug 15 2010

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Jul 20 2010
Actually I wanna say you "thanks" for the 'Re Crono' theme. It's amazing. - Aug 03 2010
Ubo Icons Theme

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by ubo

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Aug 25 2010

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by ceebeebg

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3   Dec 11 2010
Cold v2

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by ceebeebg

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3   Nov 23 2010
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9   Nov 12 2010
Yet another hope

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by Pakos

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3   Nov 09 2010

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by SkiesOfAzel

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eGtk Leopard

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by Dolsilwa

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3   Oct 25 2010
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3   Oct 22 2010
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3   Oct 19 2010

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by 3dshifter

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elementary light

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by panana

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3   Oct 14 2010
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3   Oct 01 2010
Ambiance dark

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by leodelacruz

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3   Sep 21 2010