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Dmitriy Simbiriatin Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
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Jul 28 2013
Also i forgot to say, that applications-internet icon now colored and it looks not really good, coz the rest of category icons are grey. - Aug 02 2010
Hi, I got some bug reports for you, hope you will fix this.

1. In new version(0.9) you've added bunch of 24x24 icons, and the problem is that status icons now looks blurry.

2. There is a social menu in Ubuntu Lucid, and it needs 24x24 status icons with names:
- applications-chat-panel.png(same icon as for tray-online.png)
- applications-email-panel.png(same icon as for /actions/mail-send.png
And the last icon should be in 22x24/categories
- applications-microblogging-panel.png(same icon as for apps/gwibber.png)

3. By default, The Shutdown icon has the red color, but for Ubuntu Lucid users, red shutdown icon means that they should restart their system, so i think this is a good idea, to make shutdown button grey, and add next icons in "actions":
- system-shutdown-panel.png(same icon as grey shutdown icon)
- system-shutdown-panel-restart.png(same icon as red shutdown icon)
- system-shutdown-restart-panel.png(same icon as red shutdown icon) - Aug 02 2010
Elegant Gnome Pack

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Nov 16 2010
I'm really not a telepathist. I need at least information about your distro and a screenshot, where i can see your problem. - Aug 01 2010
Please check in Appearance Settings that the GTK theme is set to Re_Crono, coz it looks like you are using another GTK theme. - Aug 01 2010
Do you have this package installed?

Please, provide a screenshot - Jul 31 2010
You should understand that from last version I made a lot of changes to make it possible making a system-wide installation and creating the packages. So now the script works not in the way, it worked before. That's why i wrote that this version is incompatible with old versions. - Jul 31 2010
Ok, there is PPA and a source package.

PPA package have been built with the settings for Ubuntu. In your case, if you wanna have Mint logo, you must use the source package and installation instructions mentioned above. - Jul 31 2010
The 3rd entry of installation instructions:
3. Run the command "make 'name of your distro'"(e.g. "make ubuntu"),
run "make help" to see the available variants.

So in your case, you should run "make mint" - Jul 31 2010
I've checked the problem with Shotwell and it looks like a program's bug. The program just don't use the GTK color for the sidebar, you can check this, just try different GTK themes and you will see that program uses the same light gray color with any Gtk theme. So I think, that the best resolution for this problem is to make a bug report to Shotwell's developers. - Jul 31 2010
Ok, This is not a Cyrillic, and i don't even know what it is. Anyway there isn't anything in userChrome.ccs or userContent.css that can make such effect.
Let's try to remove userChrome.ccs and userContent.css, and let me know, if this will help you. - Jul 30 2010
You are welcome. - Jul 29 2010
On Ubuntu 10.04 it should works without any problems, coz this is the one of the distros where i'm testing this script. - Jul 29 2010
What is your distribution?
Can you provide a screenshot? - Jul 29 2010
I got it. I'll try to hack the gtk theme to fix this. - Jul 29 2010
Can you make a screenshot of your google home page? - Jul 29 2010
No It isn't, at least for Ubuntu Lucid. Can you provide a screenshot? Let's see, what can I do. - Jul 28 2010
Don't forget to restart the Firefox - Jul 28 2010
This is not a bug, this is a setting in userChrome.css, if you wanna return home button back, just open userChrome.css and remove this line:
#home-button { display: none; } - Jul 28 2010
This this an Equinox GTK engine:
I've never used mandriva before, so I can't really help you with this.

About the sudo, the script needs the root rights to create a symlinks from ~/.icons/ and ~/.theme to /usr/share/theme and /usr/share/icons, because without this your root windows will look ugly and will not use the same theme, also the script uses sudo for installing pidgin status and tray themes, of course if you have pidgin installed. - Jul 28 2010
Starting with the version 0.4.0, i think about creating a PPA for Ubuntu. - Jul 28 2010
Sorry,but 0.90.3-1 is also old:) You need a version from git, like Ubuntu Lucid(Linux Mint 9) has. Add this ppa:
and update murrine engine. Hope this will help you. - Jul 28 2010
Script was installed correctly, so don't worry. Your problem is that you version of Murrine GTK Engine is too old. So just update it and restart X server. - Jul 28 2010
oh, i just forget that there is no icon for mandriva, so just choose the "Default" entry during the installation. - Jul 28 2010
Also, i wanna ask you to not hurry with the packages, coz i gonna release version 0.4.0-beta with the graphical installer soon. - Jul 28 2010
Is it works when you install the pack from the tarball? - Jul 28 2010
Thanks for report, will fix it. - Jul 28 2010
It looks like you haven't read this:

You must have this stuff installed on your system before you'll start:

Droid Sans Font
Murrine and Equinox gtk engines

Install this packages from AUR:

And you'll be good.
- Jul 27 2010
Thanks for replay, ok i'll add an icon for ua. - Jul 27 2010
What distribution do you got?
It depends on distribution and what patches the maintainers use for freetype2,libxft, cairo, so this font can looks different in different distributions. If you got a problem with this font, just change it to the font you like. - Jul 26 2010
Yes, i should. At least for now, it returns all the settings to defaults, it's not a perfect solution, but it's better then nothing. I already got some ideas how to backup the previous settings, so I hope i'll be fixed soon.

Thanks for suggestion. - Jul 26 2010
Hope you understand, that this isn't a high priority feature, at least for now, coz the script still miss some functionality, that i wanna add. But anyway, thanx for suggestion. - Jul 25 2010
Yes, i've already been thinking about this. - Jul 24 2010
This is a firefox's issue, that it can't correctly work with dark themes, not only with this theme, but with the dark themes generally. As i said before, there is not such problem in the Chrome. But, of course i'll provide a fix for firefox to suite this theme as much as possible. - Jul 24 2010
I'm glad to hear this:) - Jul 24 2010
Do you have the folder "Re Crono" in "elegant_gnome"?
It's really strange, i just can advise you to download the archive again and reinstall the pack using it. If it will not work, please provide a screenshot with the terminal output when you reinstalling the pack. - Jul 24 2010
I haven't changed anything related to the gtk theme or script, just did some fixes in icon folder, and packed it back. I always check the script on 2 different distributions, to be sure that it works how it should. Anyway, have you checked the 3-rd menu entry to reinstall the pack? - Jul 24 2010
It's not the theme related, as I understood you're talking about firefox, and it should be tweaked via userChrome.css to get rid of the grey input boxes. Using the latest google-chrome i don't have such problems. But anyway, let's see what i can do with this :) - Jul 24 2010
Ok, Have you restarted your X session after using the script?
If no, just try to restart it.
If yes, try to install newer version of the murrine engine, and then restart X session:
For example from this link: - Jul 24 2010
To fix the OpenOffice:
1. Start it
2. Go to "Tool -> Options"
3. Then " -> Appearance"
4. For "Document background" choose - "white"
For "Text boundaries" - "Gray 80%"
For "Application background" - "Gray 10%"
And for "Font color" - "black"

And from now you are good) - Jul 24 2010
Can you provide a screenshot?
It looks like you got an old version of Murrine engine. - Jul 24 2010
Already got how to fix this, as soon as i'll finish automatic wallpaper installation feature, i'll will release the fix for this. - Jul 24 2010
Already in my TODO, but I need some time to get how it works(i'm not ubuntu user). - Jul 24 2010
Thanks for reply, fixed and updated. - Jul 24 2010
"Messaging menu status icons a little truncated." - already fixed in v0.2.1.

"Maybe provide a wallpaper, with the blurring of panels already done(mentioned in the README) as an option." - I've been thinking about this, but the problem is that the wallpaper have to be the same resolution as the desktop.

"The shutdown icon on the panel shuld indicate red, only when a restart is reqd(after an upgrade). In normal stated, probably make that also a monochromish icon to match the rest of the panel icons." - the problem is that I'm not Ubuntu-user, and this stuff is Ubuntu-specific, so it makes some difficulties in providing and testing this things. But anyway, this is in my TODO for the next release.

Thanks for suggestions - Jul 24 2010
So you just need to install "Nautilus-Elementary".
If you got the latest Linux Mint release, based on Ubuntu 10.04, open the terminal and do the next steps:

1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:am-monkeyd/nautilus-elementary-ppa
2. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Then restart your X session(Log Out and then Log In) and that's it. - Jul 24 2010
I'm not sure, I understood your question right or not, but do you have just the original "nautilus" that comes with gnome, or modified "nautilus-elementary"? - Jul 24 2010
Will be fixed in next release - Jul 24 2010
When you start the script, you should see this menu - Jul 24 2010
It's really strange, coz I've made a flag for AR...I can't say you something helpful right now, but I'll see how it can be fixed. - Jul 23 2010
Just restart your X session(Log Out and then Log in) and it will be done. Wallpaper you should set manually. - Jul 23 2010
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