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Are You Ready?

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Apr 28 2005
You are most welcome! Glad ya like it, and many thanks for your kind words. :o) - Apr 29 2005
Carpe Diem

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Apr 27 2005
Unna... the font is called Morpheus. - Apr 28 2005
Thank you for the kind words! It's nice to know that it means something special for you, and I'm glad that I could share it with you :o)

I'll have to boot back into Windows and open the psd file in Adobe Photoshop to check (give me till tomarrow and I'll have the name of the font for ya).

The entire wallpaper was created in Photoshop (a tutorial I stumbled upone somewhere... can't remember the link off hand). - Apr 27 2005

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Apr 27 2005
I apologize, but your comment sounded like an rude insult. I do wish to have corrective criticism (as I'm sure we all do with our graphics), but it's important that when doing so you say up front what you like and what you dislike. Letting others get the feeling that you are approachable is always a plus... and will more than likely cause someone to create another version for you if you asked. - Apr 27 2005
Why thank you. Your work says a great deal about yourself as well.

Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life. - Apr 27 2005
"It's Not Blue" Grape

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Mar 05 2004
This is so pretty and extremely well done (as are the other pastel ones). Not many would have the nerve to put pastel wallpapers on here lol. High fives and fantastic job!! - Apr 27 2005

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Apr 27 2005
Thank's for telling me!!

I think I fixed it... that upload area is confusing at first. Sorry about that :o( - Apr 27 2005