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Dec 26 2005
Thanks a bunch. - Jan 08 2006
I think only one item can be hosted on the kde-apps site. I uploaded the rpm since it is more convenient to use (since it does not have a lot of dependencies).
I would have to create a file that combines the source archive and the binary rpm to upload both to kde-apps.
I am hosting the files myself on my own website and unfortunately my service provider does not allow incoming requests on port 80.
I can mail the tar.gz to you.
P.S. I cannot access port 9054 either from my work. - Dec 29 2005
I appreciate the feedback on the configuration dialog. I felt its need quite late in the development and implemented the neccessary functionality without concentrating any real effort into the aesthetics of the configuration dialog.

I did not use which since it searches through the PATH environment variable looking for the executable. I did not want to assume that iptables and modprobe will always be in path. Hence, I provided for the configuration of the paths.
Maybe I can use which first and if I do not find the executable then I can request the user to configure the path. - Dec 28 2005
While KWallBuilder is initializing you should have been asked for the paths to iptables and modprobe.
Login as root and issue iptables -L if you see 3 input and 3 output rules with QUEUE that implies that iptables was found and since ip_queue was loaded it would imply that modprobe was found.
If the above is true, try ping

Can you check for the .kwallbuilder.conf in the home directory ? If it is prsent please delete it and run KWallBuulder again, you should be asked for the paths.
Else, right click on the icon in the system tray and you should see a config option. Config and run KWallBuilder again. - Dec 27 2005
The application requires root privileges to
1)Load the ip_queue module and
2)Invoke the iptable utility.
One approach would be to add the application in the file /etc/sudoers and
run it through sudo kwallbuilder.

Also, please check if the ip_queue module is available (it is usually available). - Dec 27 2005
Did you run configure after installing iptables-devel ?
Also, you can either
copy or link libipq into /usr/include or change include path in the code. - Dec 27 2005
The package iptables-devel is required for compiling the application. It provides the file libip.h. - Dec 26 2005
I uploaded the rpm to It should be available on port 80. - Dec 26 2005

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Oct 09 2005
If ACPI is statically compiled, then there should be an acpi directory in /proc. The acpi directory in turn should have a themral_zone directory. The thermal_zone directory should have a file entry giving the temperature of the system. Once you have identified the file please set it in KTemperature.
I hope this helps. - Nov 03 2005
The libpng error does not impact the running of the application and it has nothing to do whether the acpi is statically compiled in or dynamically loaded. However, if the thermal_zone directory is present then the application should not ask for loading the themral module.
The interface can be selected using the file selection. - Oct 17 2005
It could that your system does not support ACPI, typically older systems have APM.
If ACPI is supported then check if there is a /proc/acpi directory. If there is no ACPI directory try loading the acpi, processor and thermal modules. - Oct 11 2005
I am not sure why the libpng error is logged. It could be because the included .png files are not proper. However, the error does not effect the performane of the application.
As far as the NA is concerned, do you have the acpi thermal module loaded ? If it is loaded check if there is a /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/TH*M/temperature and if there is an entry, right click on the system tray select restore and configure the monitoring interface.
I hope this helps. - Oct 10 2005
Currently, there is no alarm indication when the maximum temperature is reached.
I did not add an alarm since, I was not sure whether it would be a good idea to force more work (and increase temperature further) when the system is at its maximum temperature. - Jul 18 2005
The background color changes depending on the temperature. As far the font and size of the temperature, I will try to make them configurable. - Jul 01 2005
The utility is asking for the root password to load the ACPI thermal module since it has detected that the monitoring interface is not present.
If you can ensure that the ACPI thermal module is loaded by the time utility runs or if you compile it into the kernel then the root password will not be asked.
In the next version I will try to make changes so that the root password will not be asked if not required. - Jun 29 2005
Thank you for the suggestion. Henceforth I will upload with the version number. - Jun 26 2005
Actually I have 2 links to namely and
I tried configure removing each link and it failed after I removed the link from to complaining about kde-config returning a null path to kdelibs.
Do you kde-config insatlled ? - Jun 25 2005
Try ln -s - Jun 24 2005
Do you or* ? If you do not have, can you try creating a link to* ? - Jun 24 2005
Added Pause, Restart and Update options to the right click menu. - Jun 21 2005
Good catch. I overlooked the case since my laptop runs quite hot (always around 60), hence everything was ok for me. Will quite certainly incorporate the changes. - Jun 06 2005
Since the background color of the system tray changes depending on the system temperature, I think there is no one color that will be consistently visible all the time. However, I will try to make the text bolder. - Jun 03 2005
If you do a make install as root, it shows up in the Utilities submenu of the KDE menu. If you do not want to do a make install as root, you can try nohup ktemperature & . This way it will stay resident even if you close the console. - May 28 2005
I am also getting the PNG error. However, when I run the application it is not crashing.
Do you have the temperature interface at
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature ?
I don't think there is a check for the status of the file open in the current version. - May 27 2005
This application is not intended to be a replacement for KSensors which, is a more comprehensive monitoring application . For some reason lm_sensors was not reporting anything useful on my laptop. Hence, I decided to develop this to use whatever is working. - May 27 2005
If I understand correctly, the value in the /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature is not changing and remains constant.
I think that it is most surely an issue with the ACPI .
Also, only the recent PCs/Laptops tend to have ACPI support, the older ones use APM.
I hope this information is useful. - May 27 2005