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Petr Krasnoshchekov , Russian Federation
Qt Widgets

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Feb 10 2011
Sorry, I did not tested it on Qt5. Qt5 is not stable to me to use in production. I'll try to test the widget. - Jul 23 2013
Yes. It is a known bug. Feel free to fix it ;) - Jun 01 2013
I am not Python coder, so try to ask CrMosk or port his work yourself. - Nov 13 2012
I have tested setClickable(true) on Debian testing, Qt 4.7.3, works fine. May be you did any other modifications? - Sep 01 2011
Great! - Jul 11 2011
I have never seen this feature before. Have you a real use case? - May 11 2011
Thank you :) - Apr 05 2010
You can select rows and columns using setClikcable and setHighlightSections methods of HeaderView, but highlighting is buggy. I'll fix it in some days. - Feb 11 2010
AFAIK, Windows 7 is supported only in qt 4.6, try it. - Sep 22 2009
I don't know. Try to run example2 from command line with -style windows. - Sep 22 2009
It works to me. May be your style does not respect palette settings. What style do you use? - Sep 21 2009
I have never used this feature, so it is not implemented. Sorry, but now i don't have mutch time for it. If you'll implement it, send me source code :) I think you had to add a proxy model to HierarchicalHeaderView for handling of custom column order. You also had to handle your self all drag'n'drop mashinery. It is pretty big piece of code :( - Aug 19 2009
I'll implement this feature in next version. - Apr 20 2009