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Bruno Bigras Saint-Jérôme, Canada

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Aug 03 2008
Is there a public Git or SVN repo? - Mar 14 2010

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Jan 30 2012
Ok, I'm trying to make a dataengine for imap to make it work with not only gmail. I'll start with only the functions required for an email notifier. I'll recontact you soon. - Jul 24 2009
Nice plasmoid, did you thought about possibly using gmail imap idle to reduce the time interval? - Jul 19 2009

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Mar 28 2014
If I try to backup only some files, let's say *.diff in my home directory and I run the simulation it seem to calculate every files in my home directory recursively.

maybe it's the "--include=*/"

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simulation - Jul 20 2009
Atheist Quote Plasmoid

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Dec 29 2009
I don't see this plasmoid in the "Get Hot New Stuff" dialog. Could it be because it's not in the "Plasmoid Script" category on this site? - Jul 20 2009

System Software
by luckyb

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Jul 20 2009