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Jimmy Merrild Krag Aalborg, Denmark
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Sep 05 2017
When using Faenza-Dark, the panel icon for parcellite is the black icon from the Faenza theme, instead of a white one.
I'm using latest PPA version. - Mar 14 2011
Faenza Blue - Dark Panels

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Nov 28 2011
Sorry, I should post this elsewhere... - Mar 14 2011
I've found out that there's an isuse in the normal Faenza icon theme as well. It's parcellite again, but the issue occurs on dark panels instead. When using Faenza-Dark, it uses the black icon from the Faenza theme for parcellite, instead of a light one on the panel. - Mar 14 2011
You've probably heard of glipper. I think Parcellite inherits the icon from this :) - Jan 28 2011
The icon for parcellite is black, like it's meant for a light panel, and so is the status icons in Empathy.
Would like the status icons to have color for intuity, maybe to be squared to integrate with the rest of the theme. Also the envelope indicator could turn blue, when there is a message, to be clearer.

Otherwise I find the theme very nice. Using it with docky and Ambiance with blue highlight color instead of orange. - Jan 22 2011
Vintage /steampunk desktop

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Jul 25 2010
I agree very much on that the other icons will look much better than buuf. - Oct 22 2010

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Dec 21 2009
Is it a mistake that there is no icon when there's no network connectivity, or is it supposed to be like that? - Dec 13 2009
Goes well with New Wave :) - Dec 10 2009

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by stapenella

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Dec 13 2009