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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Graphic Apps 16 comments

by bico
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May 27 2009
Here you go ... check out version 1.6 - May 27 2009
Hmmm ... That could even solve the multiple monitor problem in some cases. - May 08 2009
Thanks for pointing this out, Mr. Lancelot :-) Gimper initially changed only the focus of the Toolbox, so I think I can add an option to revert back to this, when needed.

Ideally one would change The GIMP sourcecode and provide an elegant solution, but ... this will have to do for now. - May 08 2009
I might create a sourceforge account for this project and that would do it, but this week I'm busy. Until then, you can report the bugs here. - Oct 28 2008
Well, I have been thinking about it, but I currently do not see the benefits. Gimper works well under KDE 4 (you can look at the screencast) and to some extent under Gnome too. I think this tool is too simple to benefit from porting. - Oct 24 2008
Success! I have managed to simulate "autohide" and it works reasonably well on my computer. I don't know if it is going to be smooth enough on slower computers, though. - Oct 23 2008
Good idea! I will have to see if it is possible to simulate "autohide" by moving the toolbox off the screen instead of changing the focus. - Oct 17 2008
openSUSE KDE Tweaks

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 16 comments

by bico
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May 30 2007
I have been using my patches for several weeks now and I have not experienced any kind of unexpected behaviour (much more without it), but it sure needs some more work. I will test your patch also. - Jun 06 2007
I have tried both links and they are ok, but the latter (recompile/test the latest src) would take up at least 2 days, so I opted for the bugreport. It seems that the 'align to grid' bug is old indeed and there are at least 2-3 duplicates.
- Jun 06 2007
Thanks for the positive feedback. I don't know how to get something upstream , I have never tried that before. Besides I guess that most of these modifications are useful for only a few people. - May 30 2007
I install Linux on computers dedicated especially for kids and although I like kde-looks, this button just circumvents any filtering I would install. You can edit my patches if you like, there are not ment to be suitable for everyone. - May 30 2007

Utilities 124 comments

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Apr 02 2007
This is great! I have been using kdict with the dictd server until now, but your app is amazing. It supports so many types of dictionaries (without the server) and it can even "read" text from pictures. I hope that it will be included in SUSE distributions.

Thank you very much! - Aug 31 2006
RPM Package Maker

System Software 27 comments

by bico
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Nov 20 2009
> i tried it with ... rpm source package
I din't try src.rpm-s but its a good idea to test these, too (probably I will provide an input for these in the future).
> i was unable to add its spec
Did you run it as root? rpmpm doesn't work yet otherwise.
> deleting these default specs is slightly annoying problem
Yeah, I know (with the DEL key). I couldn,t manage to add a context menu to the list. Maybe a button will do.
> And if you'll need translation, i could do czech.
WOW that would be great? I just don't understand yet how translating apps work. If I do, I will surely ask you. Thanks again! - Apr 12 2006
Well, a much improved version of RPM Package Maker is out once again, and this is probably the final version before I rename it to simply Package Maker and add some more types of input/output.

rpmpm performs now much more then what I have planned initially for version 1.0, and, if the Lord wants me to, and I shall live, I am going to further improve it in the second half of this year. Until then, enjoy this new release! - Apr 11 2006
Well, rpmpm was not designed for this, but someone reported that it can work:

"I must symlink Your rpm environment to my rpm environment .

ln -s $HOME/RPM/SPECS /usr/src/packages/SPECS/mini
ln -s $HOME/RPM/SOURCES /usr/src/packages/SOURCES"

I hope it works for you, too. - Mar 27 2006
There is also a job.h header file needed by KProcess located in the kio subdirectory in the KDE include dir. On my system: /opt/kde3/include/kio/job.h
- this I really have to correct - sorry for your problems - Mar 27 2006
Thanks for the feedback! I will correct this in the next release. - Mar 03 2006
Thank you very much for this info. I am planning to implement this in the next release or in the one after 1.0.

Didn't compile? Could you send me the output with the error messages? - Feb 24 2006
I'm glad you like the verses, but I use automatic solutions only where things are boring and repetitive (see RPM Package Maker). - Feb 24 2006
RMT installer ? I hope I didn't reinvent the wheel, because I hate when that happens. - Feb 21 2006
Good idea! I have been thinking about this also (see the TODO list), I just don't have the time for it yet. - Feb 21 2006
Thanks a lot for the positive feedback! It had motivated me to release a new (hopefully better) version! - Feb 20 2006
Contributions are welcome. Check out the TODO list if you are interested in improving rpmpm. - Jan 02 2006

Science 26 comments

by NiQ
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Jun 17 2007
Wow! This is the calculator I have been looking for so long (its even more). Thank you, for making this a free app! - Apr 04 2006