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Network by cschlaeg 10 comments

I installed "libqt0-ruby1.8" and now when I run "clickspotter", I get the same error as you -- I guess that's better than nothing happening at all, like before -- /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/Qt/qtruby.rb:605:in `initialize': unresolved constructor call Qt::Pixmap (ArgumentError) ... etc.

Oh well! - Jan 21 2006

Network by cschlaeg 10 comments

Hrm, I've installed it (I needed to install "gem", and then get the "rdoc" package). It seemed to install happily. I'm pulling down my server logs with the "tail -f" example from the site, but ClickSpotter doesn't seem to actually work when I run it.

e.g., I type "clickspotter local_copy.log" and nothing happens... I just get another bash prompt. Running "clickspotter" with no arguments does the same thing.

Maybe I'm missing some Qt+Ruby stuff, and Gem didn't bother warning me?... - Jan 21 2006

Network by gonebush 22 comments

Tried ? :^) - Nov 08 2005

Developers Apps by jlabrous 4 comments

It might be beneficial to expand on the description of this application. I recognize the name "Clearcase," but at 1am in the morning, I can't really remember what it is, or is used for. :^) (I know, I know... Google. But no point in turning away potential users by not explaining the point of your KDE app!) - Sep 07 2005
I've never uses a Google Toolbar before (I run Mozilla at work on WinXP, and Konqueror at home), and I must say, this is everything I was told a Google Toolbar could be! Excellent work!

HOWEVER, you really need a better autoconf setup (it didn't even notice that I hadn't installed the kde- and konq-devel packages on my system!), an actual set of web pages (not just a SourceForge project), and some better documentation. (Most of the doc files in the .tar.gz were 0 bytes!)

I'd love to help, just drop me a note! ;) - Jul 30 2005

Inkscape Templates by probono 3 comments

I think the point of this site is to actually list files, not list people's comments and suggestions on what they think should be here. (Maybe sites like this and need forums for that?)

It's quite annoying to see an entry like this and then realize there's no actual content to download... it's just some random person's opinion or suggestion. - Jul 03 2005