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Michael *CENSORED BY BINJAJER* Warsaw, Poland

Wallpaper Other by kosmo 2 comments

GLXgears, I see. - Mar 04 2006
Polish forest under snow

Nature by mateusz93 2 comments

Hell of a nice country we have, eh? Jesus, why do these comments have to be in english? - Feb 18 2006
sunbeam and moonshine

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by infinitezeros 29 comments

Great! As a slackware user, I think it could use some native linux touch. Oh, and a gentoo-user style bug: why isn't the moonshine drinkable if I compile it with --wno-long-short -vomit-frame-pointer -i-can-read ? - Feb 14 2006

Wallpaper Other by rcbell 20 comments

You're overreacting. The first impression you get is the superlative of those mascots. Well, if anyone is enough of an idiot to get scared of open source because of that, he deserves to use winhoes.

Take it with some distance and basic intelligence.

BinJajer - Dec 18 2005
USB Mount encoded Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by TOD 3 comments

WTF? I guess that iconz cannot destriy hware... Nice precautions anyway... - Dec 08 2005

Wallpaper Other by bloto 6 comments

Very nice. Especially, because I've been at the spot. Our country is definetly the most... umm... "countryside-ish" int the block, eh? - Nov 19 2005
Tech Mon

Karamba & Superkaramba by ArbitraryReason 60 comments

Cool, but... What's IE doing on Linux?
(I mean the screenshot) This is sooo microsoft to put IE icon where it does't belong. Does novell belong to MS now? Or maybe, this is in fact the famous MS Linux ( - Nov 12 2005
Gentoo Blue

Wallpaper Other by DesS 3 comments

Ummm... Maybe my monitor's too dark, but I can't see gentoo here... Just dark gradient... Lighten it up! - Nov 11 2005
ChaotiKernel V 1'0

Wallpaper Other by pernambuco 3 comments

Man, this is soooooo lame. C'mon, you do not need to update to get people eo see your content. Bringing an unupdated content ttt is just... microsoft.
Check this one out : /

It is sooo lame. - Nov 11 2005
error? ORROR!

Various Stuff by elgx 19 comments

hmm, me being a gentooist too, i have to say i have no such probs. You play OGame, btw. Shame on you. - Nov 01 2005