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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 155 comments

by bk12
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May 15 2013
Sure, patches are welcome :) - Feb 04 2014
That would make sense, but as I understand it, the applet bypasses the notification API to create those notifications, so there is very little I can do there :/ - Feb 04 2014
Thanks for the patch, I just applied it!

Regarding file operations: to me notifications and file progress information are different concepts, it just happens that Plasma by default group them.

One needs to be able to interact with the file progress view, so it does not make sense to me to add this to Colibri. I personally uses Colibri together with the Plasma file progress view. It works well. - Feb 04 2014
That is not possible for now, but I find it surprising that it touches the edges of the screen: there should be spaces similar to what happens with tooltips. Do your tooltip touch the edges as well? - Jan 12 2014
Colibri does not show file transfers. You can either:

- Remove Plasma notification applet from the systemtray. This way you get classic file transfer dialogs.

- Keep Plasma notification applet in the systemtray, but uncheck the "Application Notification" box. This way you get Plasma file transfer indications and Colibri notifications.

For more info, see: - Jun 03 2013
Open SystemSettings, then go to "Application and System Notifications". There should be a "Colibri Notifications" icon at the bottom of the list on the left. - May 16 2013
If there are bugs, I fix them. But so far it does what I want. So: not dead, but rather "done" or "mature". - Jul 16 2012
No, right now it is not possible to stack notifications. If an application sends multiple notifications in rapid succession, the notification texts will be merged together though. - Sep 29 2011
Interesting. I need to check notify-osd code then. - May 25 2011
Colibri does not have control over this. It is up to the media player to inhibit notifications (kdelibs provides the necessary tools to do so). - May 25 2011
It is not possible to do this. What you can do for Kopete is to use the message-indicator plugin [1] together with the message-indicator Plasma widget [2].

[2]: - Oct 14 2010
That's weird. Do you see the usage going up during the day or is it a fixed amount? - Aug 23 2010
That's weird, Colibri does not directly use these libraries. I am afraid something is wrong with your system. - Aug 06 2010
I may set up a PPA for it later, but don't hold your breath on it :) - Aug 06 2010
Thanks for this suggestion. I just applied it and will probably release 0.2.1 shortly to include this fix. - Aug 05 2010
What you are seeing is not Colibri: it is Notification-daemon, the default GNOME notification display. You should be able to fix this by uninstalling notification-daemon.

Unfortunately there is no way right now for a DBus service like Colibri or Notification-daemon to specify it should only run on KDE or GNOME. - Jun 10 2010
Unfortunately this is not possible: file transfers are handled in a totally different way than notifications, they just *look* similar when rendered by Plasma. - Mar 21 2010
Good news! Thanks for the information, I didn't notice it was in! - Mar 08 2010

Have you followed the instruction from the README file? It should be in the deb, but you can also find it here: - Feb 25 2010
Reasons for not using actions on notifications are:
- it avoids the "urge to respond": you are not stressed by having to click on a button before it goes away because there is no button
- it allows for click-through

As I said, you may or may not like this. If you don't it's totally fine, just use the default Plasma notifications. - Feb 23 2010
About Nepomuk: this is probably because Nepomuk is started before Colibri. Not sure how to fix it.

About Firefox: this extension may help:
(I did not test it) - Feb 18 2010
Thanks! I just integrated them. - Feb 18 2010
The service file is a problematic indeed. You can rename it (dbus does not care about the name), but then you may end up with two implementations of the same service, and in this case dbus picks the first one it finds :/

I'll have a look at these CPack lines. - Feb 18 2010
Weird. I uploaded it again. Thanks for reporting that problem. - Feb 18 2010
Thanks for the report. It is now fixed in Git and will be in next release. - Feb 13 2010
That's weird. Anyway, the config file is .kde/share/config/colibrirc

For now it looks like this:


Where 68 is the OR of the various Qt::Alignment flags:

Qt::AlignLeft 1
Qt::AlignRight 2
Qt::AlignHCenter 4

Qt::AlignTop 32
Qt::AlignBottom 64
Qt::AlignVCenter 128 - Feb 11 2010
I have no plan to add support for stacking notifications at the moment, but I am ready to review interesting patches :) - Feb 02 2010
Unfortunately, I am not a packager. Maybe someone out there can create debs? - Dec 27 2009

I guess you are the person I discussed with on #kde-devel about gmpc.

I did not understand you were using a custom script to send volume notifications, so could not reproduce your bug. Can you share how you configured the system to send volume info with notify-send? - Dec 22 2009
What do you have instead?

If notifications are represented as light grey rectangles with a black border, then probably the service file is not properly installed. Check that /usr/share/dbus-1/services/ contains a file named "" and that this file contains an Exec line pointing to the colibri binary.

If notifications are represented as Plasma notifications, open the systemtray settings: "Application notifications" should be unchecked. - Dec 20 2009
Nice to hear you like it!

Behind the scenes, file transfers are completely different than notifications. It may take quite some work to integrate them as well.

I am also not sure it would be very handy because you want to be able to interact with a file transfer but Colibri notifications are passive (no buttons)

To me file transfers belong to the application, not to the workspace: I personally disabled Plasma handling of file transfers, so I get classic file transfer windows.
- Dec 18 2009
Actually I plan to put more information in the systemsettings module :) - Dec 17 2009
You must open the systemtray settings and uncheck the "Application notifications" box.

Have a look at Colibri README for more details. - Dec 17 2009
It is probably not very useful with Karmic, unless you use xinerama (handling of xinerama is a bit nicer in Colibri).

It will be useful for Lucid, though, because the Ayatana patches won't be included in it. - Dec 16 2009
Strange, I do not get this error here (I am on Kubuntu 9.10 as well). Is it a real error or just a warning? - Dec 16 2009
Yes, it is smooth tasks. - Dec 16 2009
I should probably add another excerpt from the README to the description:

Passive notifications for Plasma first appeared as "Ayatana notifications", an
alternative notification system I implemented in Kubuntu Karmic as part of my
work for Canonical.

Ayatana notifications were implemented as a patch against the systemtray
applet. Colibri is based on this work, but does not require patching any

Colibri contains code I wrote for Canonical, but it is not a Canonical product.
--------- - Dec 16 2009

Graphic Apps 105 comments

by bk12
Score 73.1%
Sep 17 2007
No command line option I am afraid. This bug about Nepomuk output is on my TODO list. Hopefully I'll address this for KDE 4.5. - Apr 26 2010
I have no idea :(. Would be interesting to start Gwenview from a terminal to check whether it prints any suspect message. - Apr 23 2010
This is really strange. Do other applications suffer from similar slow down? - Apr 15 2010 is a better place to report bugs - Aug 22 2009
This is really strange. Most people have a completely different experience of Gwenview.

Can you describe the necessary steps to reproduce your crashes? - Nov 25 2007
Thanks! Will put a news about it on the web page. - Sep 18 2006
Concerning the "location" rectangle: I can't reproduce it. Can you mail me these files:
- ~/.kde/share/config/gwenviewrc
- ~/.kde/share/apps/gwenview/gwenviewui.rc

Concerning the fullscreen start: For now, you need to modify the file association so that it starts with the "-f" option. - Jul 17 2006
No, not yet :-( - Jul 17 2006
I do not know how this line ended in filterbar.ui, but it's fixed now. I am about to upload a new tarball (1.3.92b).

Thanks for the report. - Jul 14 2006
Great news!

But be careful, 1.3.9x are development versions... they may have some bleeding edges... and do not contain any translations! - Jul 14 2006
That's strange. It certainly does not behave like this on my box. I will look into your idea of reusing the process though, that could be nice. - Sep 05 2005

System Software 10 comments

by bk12
Score 50.0%
May 27 2005
It does support space in filenames. The ioslave (lexeo:) in however does not support very well space in keywords.
Also note that you must add a '/' after the ':' when using the ioslave. Example:
"lexeo:/keyword1 and keyword2" OK
"lexeo:keyword1 and keyword2" NOT OK - Oct 06 2005
You can start lexeo_edit from within Gwenview via an external tool.
If everything has installed ok, when you right click an image in Gwenview and go in "External tools", you should see a "Lexeo - Edit Keywords" entry which will start lexeo_edit.
If it's not the case, you need to declare lexeo_edit as an external tool:
- Go to this menu: settings>Configure External Tools
- Click "Add"
- Enter a name for your tool
- Use "lexeo_edit %F" as a command (without the quotes)
- Select "All files"
- Click "Ok"
It should work now.

To browse images according to the keywords, you must use the ioslave. In either Gwenview or Konqueror, type "lexeo:/some_keyword" to get all images/files matching this keyword. With "lexeo:/keyword1 and keyword2" you will get only images matching keyword1 and keyword2. - Oct 04 2005

Graphic Apps
by bardack

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Oct 15 2012

Plasma Themes
by nameless89

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3   Dec 17 2012