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Apr 08 2004
In Version 0.4 i am adding an RSS Reader due to your comments. Do you use the app at all? - Apr 21 2004
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it allows simple content sharing across websites, and also news feeds. - Apr 07 2004
Config file in what way? at the moment this doesn't allow loading. i will version the files certainly, can i ask your opinion on the actual program? like how easy was it to use? how useful it was? things like that! - Apr 06 2004
Version 0.3 is now out, with the added save ability!
Version 0.4 will have an integrated viewer.
I am planning to redesign the interface, as it is rather cluttered at the moment.
please suggest features here, and i will add them. - Apr 06 2004
Hi, thanks for the comments, i'm going to add a save button today, expect it at about 11 AM BST (british summer time). Please keep voting, and downloading new versions. Any other ideas for it? - Apr 06 2004
I will fix the resizing tonight, and add it will be fixed in 0.2.5 due tomorrow, what do you mean more layouts?
with 0.2x you can have an unlimitied number of items, which is much better, also something for saving files is planned. - Apr 05 2004
what is 'here', i am testing v0.2, i will post an executable here when it is done.
Version 0.2 is done btw, and is better - Apr 05 2004
Can people please post any comments here? I really do care about what people think, Version 0.2 is almost done, i'll update this soon. So people: what do you think? - Apr 05 2004