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by gcala
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May 13 2014
Well, that was it, I guess ! Renamed ~/.local/share/gcala/grooveoff (even if there was no .conf file, juste the default.xml file), and GrooveOff came back to life !

It looks like it's ok now. Many thanks ! - Sep 23 2014
You are fast! Thank you. for I am using the pre-built Ubuntu 14.04 (i386) binary. I tried your new grooveoff_0.2.0-2_i386, unfortunatly it give the same message : "Segmentation fault"...

Guide me if your want me to perform some check out. - Sep 22 2014
Hello, gcala

Thank for this App. It's been like 3 days, GrooveOff started to give a "Segmentation Fault" in Mint17 Mate. I guess it was after an system update occured between 16-19th of September 2014. I am no geek to check and test more precisely, sorry ; but I just wanted you to know it, in case it's a bug you can fix : I love your App !

Blue - Sep 22 2014