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Bengt Nilsson Hindí¥s, Sweden

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by anli
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Jun 30 2016

I had accidentally built qwt for qt5.
Apparently this was incompatible at a very basic level.
Tricky when you have too much stuff installed…
Anyway, now it runs.
Now I realize I need a crash course in Qjackctl to get anywhere.

- Aug 13 2014
I managed to enable debugging in qtcreator, but it crashed even before the first possible breakpoint in "main".
"realloc() invalide pointer: 0x0000…Aborted (core dumped)"

It must be really something fundamental. - Aug 13 2014

I am using Ubuntu 14.04LTS.
Just tried qloud 1.0, and managed to build it without too much of a problem, using Qt 4.8.5 and qwt 6.1.0.
I had to symlink the qwt 6.1.0 libs from /usr/local to /usr/lib to make it find the shared lib.

However, qloud crashes immediately, invalid pointer.
Anyone seen this?

- Aug 13 2014
Qt Opencv webcam viewer

Webcam & Monitoring 21 comments

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Sep 24 2008
Thanks for the simple tutorial, exactly what I need as a starter.
What will be your next step? - Jun 03 2009

Audio Apps
by anli

Score 74.0%
Aug 13 2014