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Apr 09 2012
In the new version (1.7) this problem is fixed. - Apr 09 2012
Could you please verify whether the new version works for you? - Feb 25 2012
This can happen if you configure the name for the cover files as "cover.jpg". This name has a special meaning for amarok and if such file exists in the album directory it will be used for whatever. The new version of this script deletes the file "cover.jpg" if the file format is png.
If you do not want to have this trouble configure another name for the cover file (i.e. "00cover".jpg/png) - Feb 25 2012
I just uploaded the new version 1.6 of the script.
In this version the file extension is determined depending on the file format.
Could you test it, please?
You do not have to remove already existing cover files with bad extension before running the script. The script should recognise and correct this. - Feb 12 2012
It's not easy to correct it. Having more time I will work on it.
But for now this error should not be a big problem. All picture viewer I know do not have any problem with the wrong file extension. - Feb 05 2012
I just uploaded the new version 1.5
Here you can configure the file permissions.
Please note: The permissions of already existing files are not changed, but you can perform the following command to change them:
# find <root path of collection> -name 00cover.jpg -print -exec chmod 644 {} \; - Feb 05 2012
After checking the database (@pierat: thanks for sending the database for testing) I found that in the albums table the references to the images have been lost. IMO this was the result of one of the bugs in amarok in the row of upgrades from 1.4 to 2.4
So, it is not a bug in this script. The only possibility I found to repair this is to refetch all the covers.
BTW: Despite of this bug in the database the covers are shown in the collection tree as cached icons without database access. - Aug 21 2011
Does the version 1.4 now work for you? - Aug 01 2011
I just uploaded the new version 1.4
In this version you can configure the file name. - Jul 10 2011
The problem should be fixed in version 1.3
Could you please verify? - Jun 29 2011
Did you forget to call "Copy All Cover" from the Tools menu? Otherwise you have no fetched cover in your local Collection database if there is no debug output such as

amarok: SCRIPT "CopyAllCover" : "CopyAllCover Mystery to Me s: /home/bernd/.kde4/share/apps/amarok/albumcovers/large/96879f4734c3f366233a02dbb9d691ff, d: /home/bernd/Musik/Alben/Fleetwood Mac/1973 Mystery to Me/00cover.jpg, dev: /home, ie: true, pe: true" - Jun 24 2011
Hi, this can have the following 3 reasons:
- no album with cover in the database
- the file "00cover.jpg" already exists in the directory of the album
- bug in the software ;-)
Could you please install the new version 1.2 (more debug output) and start Amarok from the command line in debug mode (amarok --debug). Please have a look at and maybe post lines beginning with 'amarok: SCRIPT "CopyAllCover"' - Jun 24 2011