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Church exit

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by mtax
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Mar 22 2010
While I agree with you on sexual abuse of children and child abuse in general and even somewhat with religions, there are many stones still left unturned.

Firstly, I hope through your vented rage and anger that you or a loved one was not a victim of one of these heinous acts. If you were, I can most certainly understand your anger and frustration with religions especially those with priests.

Religions are the result of people not agreeing with one another on spiritual matters of what happens to us when we die. Everyone wants to be right and if they are not they will branch off to other religions so as to believe as they want. So yes, I agree there is a problem with religions in general.

As far as God. I cannot condemn an energy that I cannot see. It does not make the energy an "imaginary friend" as you called him, but rather a belief in something that we cannot see.

There are many things we cannot see.
Wind, heat, cold, smells feelings but that does not mean they do not exist. If you put a small rock in orbit around the earth, you could not see it with the naked eye, but it is still there nevertheless.

God is an energy force greater than anything we have ever seen before. I don't believe we came from nothing but instead a specific design pattern, sort of like a road map or a set of instructions that only time can create.

While I do not agree with most religious beliefs, I do agree with most of them in the fact there was a creator or higher power.

I do not believe our lives have no purpose. I know as we pass from one energy in the physical world we regenerate in the form of a higher energy in another dimension with a fine barrier between the two.

It is better to believe in something and be wrong than than believe in nothing and be right. - Mar 22 2010
Star Trek

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Mar 18 2010
Thanks...I tried slickness and it is fine.
It is really weird....once you click recent items the listing shows fine. Only the back button is affected. If the mouse sits on the menu listing it will open it up.

Oh well, all in all still one of the best themes I have seen! - Mar 18 2010
The recent items tab is great, but I have a small issue which might be nothing but when I click recent items it opens fine and I can clear them fine, but when I click back to go back to regular menu it will open whatever the mouse is resting on.

Maybe the location of the back button triggers whatever is behind it. If I click really fast on the back button and move the mouse it works fine. - Mar 18 2010
Maybe I am over looking it. But I use recent Item list to save a little time also. Can't seem to find that. Other than that...smooth sailing so far! - Mar 17 2010
Wow! Looks really great. Bout the only 2 things missing is a nice 12/24 hour digital clock...and the kitchen sink.
The latter of course would come in handy when washing dishes....on second thought, throw out the sink! - Mar 17 2010
Slab-3Compact for Gnomenu 2.2.2+

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Dec 28 2009
All other menus are fine, with the one exception and it is suppose to be slightly off set.

It acts like a window and moves accordingly per compiz settings. I have not tried it without compiz running. - Feb 13 2010
Removed it restarted it still does the same thing.

Works down there until I click Home Folder and then it shifts to the center of the screen.

When I change compiz to smart, it locates it up in the left corner.

I am using Ultimate Edition 2.5 Gnomenu 2.3 - Feb 13 2010
When I change window preference to open smart, it moves menu to upper left corner.

It is reading the menu as a window. - Feb 13 2010
Hello, love the theme, however it moves to the center on my screen.
This may be due to the fact I have my windows set to open in center instead of smart with compiz.

Anyway, I will test it. Check yours also and let me know, all my other menus open at the bottom right with the one exception of an purposely off set theme.

Thanks - Feb 13 2010
Button Mac OSX

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Dec 31 2009
My image is upside down, cannot figure it out. - Feb 13 2010
Leaves Picture(s)

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Dec 27 2009
I think this is really nice....but upload to site why make us jump through hoops and fill out junk forms for future spam mail and email. Rated photo good...but sit to download from.....very baddddddd! - Dec 28 2009
Gartoon Redux

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Sep 29 2013
Just love the icons....and was wondering if there might be a GTK theme to match it. If not, would make a great project!

Thanks and keep up the great work! - Nov 30 2009
I know my boy absolutely loves these icons. Thanks for all the work! - Jan 13 2009

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Nov 23 2009
I can tell some of you live a very sheltered life calling this porn.

Does any of you even know what porn is?
(Those that oppose this only please.)
Look back through Greek statues and art, and I am sure you will find things much worst than this and it was just fine for them. To some of us...nudity is an art and not porn.

It is people like you that make it that way...not us. Like I said...if you do not like it down. If it is not your cup of not download it.

My friend there is no one dragging you off the street into a church that you do not like...nor is there anyone forcing you to download or even look at is your choice.

This world does not need censorship. But rather understanding of one's freedoms! - Nov 23 2009
Come on guys, just because you do not like it....well that is your opinion. But telling them they give Linux a bad name...what is up with that.

I guess if they put this woman on a Window wallpaper it would give Windows a bad name also?

Linux is about freedom and the freedom to be creative...and to come up with new ideas. My advice for those of you who do not like it....Don't download it! You can vote down because it is freedom that allows you to do that, but don't say this gives Linux a bad name. - Nov 23 2009

Enlightenment Themes 14 comments

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Apr 05 2013
I was just playing around and it looks to me, and maybe it is just the way the theme is, but my volume control is upside down, and the text is very hard to read.

It is a really great theme just thought I would let you know about this.

Thanks again! - Sep 27 2009
Hello, and thanks again for such a wonderful theme.

I found the issue when I increase the font size in the window title. When I increase the size is when the problem occurs. I resize to original size and it is fine. - Sep 15 2009
This is by far my favorite theme!

I however seem to have a small issue with the minimize button in the window it seems to only activate when pointer is at far right side and not in the center. The other buttons work fine.

Thanks - Sep 15 2009
Windows 7 WR

GnoMenu Skins 10 comments

by Symon
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Jun 06 2009
Thanks for such great work!

Looks super.

One issue I have noticed and it may be a KDE link problem, but Kpat shows up in gnomenu but will not link when clicked.

If someone knows a fix for this, please share it with me. Probably a KDE thing. - Jul 07 2009

Full Icon Themes 11 comments

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Jun 08 2009
Love the icon set, but is there a way to make the trash can a little darker, mine seems very light and hard to see.

Thanks - Jul 05 2009
Breathless for Kde 4.x

Full Icon Themes 15 comments

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Mar 02 2009
Great look, saw this some time ago in PClinux.

I have some menu icons missing, other than that it looks great! - Apr 03 2009
Griffin Embers Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes 5 comments

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Feb 23 2009
I downloaded Jaunty and was going to try these, the theme looks really good on 8.10 - Mar 09 2009
Ultimate Edition 2.1 Theme Pack Final

GTK2 Themes 26 comments

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Dec 11 2010
I cannot believe people complain about something that costs them nothing. I realize you cannot please everyone and the idiots will always be around, but don't let them dampen your great work.

People.....give it a try....if you don't like it.....remove it...if you like it....let him know.

"Remember, It is better to believe in something and be wrong." Then to believe in nothing and be right! - Mar 07 2009
I cannot believe people complain about something that costs them nothing. I realize you cannot please everyone and the idiots will always be around, but don't let them dampen your great work.

People.....give it a try....if you don't like it.....remove it...if you like it....let him know.

"Remember, It is better to believe in something and be wrong." Then to believe in nothing and be right! - Mar 07 2009

Compiz Themes 18 comments

by sebco
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Feb 01 2009
I really like anything that breaks away from the standard and goes that extra mile....looks like you have done that.

As with many of the themes I try the buttons are just a little small for my taste, but the effects on Emerald are great!

Keep up the good work! - Feb 02 2009

Beryl/Emerald Themes 3 comments

by sebco
Score 58.0%
Jan 15 2009
Great idea! Couple of things I noticed is maybe either a set of larger minimize or exit out buttons or be creative and make them lily pads etc. Maybe a fly or tadpole, who knows frog things. Maybe even other animals, heck you see where I am going with this.

I am not sure if the frogs can actually be made to hide when window full open as my internet page does lose some of its size, just a thought. Also, I don't see 1 and 1/2 frogs, I see 2 actual frogs, so it may be a screen size issue.

All in all, this is a great concept and I think you can really add your apparent artistic skills to make this a really cool project!

Good Luck! - Jan 26 2009
DarkPanel 1280 & 1024

GnoMenu Skins 11 comments

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Jan 13 2009
I am not sure if you can answer this or not, but I notice it is in every gnomenu I try. Is there anyway, that the menu would reset itself after you use it instead of showing the screen where you opened a program?

Recent history shows up, can you clear this in Gnomenu?

Also, since I use gnome, but do have some Kde apps. one being Kpat and no matter how many times you click in gnomenu it will not open, but opens fine in regular menu.

Just a couple of questions, does not apply to you but as a whole.

Thanks and keep up the great work! - Jan 11 2009
Looks really nice, and very easy to use. Maybe you can do a smaller version for those with lesser graphics to help them out. - Jan 11 2009
Black White

GnoMenu Skins 19 comments

by zws
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Jan 06 2009
Out of all the Vista look alikes out there, I am glad someone finally is taking a path from that road. I am using the boulevard Icon theme and that would be the only change I would make. Keep up the great work! - Jan 05 2009