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Officially, the BSD mascot doesn't have a name, but some people like to call him Chuck (DON'T call him Chuck, though; it's not his name). If you must give him a name, beastie is generally acceptable. - Jan 12 2006
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You're missing so many pieces of the puzzle that I almost can't comment, but... here it goes:

In the first place, if you're going to ignore the GNU part, you almost may as well ignore the linux part also. The underlying GNU programs and libraries are a huge part of what makes linux functional. For instance, nearly every app that runs on linux (including the KDE ones) is linked against glibc, and many, many others are linked against (several) other GNU libs. Further, the idea of the 'GNU OS' goes far deeper than you know, and far deeper than I care to delve in this post.

I'm going to pretend that I didn't read the part about the apps being made anyway, because an answer to it would be way too long for this post...

And, finally, the command reference that he listed was for UNIX (POSIX, that is) commands that have nothing (directly) to do with linux, and which are usually provided in linux based operating systems by GNU varients. - Jan 12 2006
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>1. IMHO, it'd be better to remove those
> sudo from the script (they will not
> work for everyone) and use a command
> like this:
> su root -c "./"

That won't work for everyone either. Namely, it won't work for the author. He uses kubuntu, which disables the root account by default and relies on sudo for root access.

If it's for KDE users only, though, it would be better to use ksu (kubuntu configures this to use sudo and most other people configure it to use su). - Jan 12 2006