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McHigh Sierra

GTK3 Themes 320 comments

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Jan 24 2020
Please, fix the wingpanel dark colors in elementary OS.

Now this bug occurs:
2) - Jun 22 2018
Hey dev, look this: - Mar 11 2018
The icon pack file is corrupted: Please reupload! - Mar 05 2018
Hey vinceliuice congratulations on your supreme work! I suggest your next step it to do what no one has done so far: The panel indicators icons -> . Can I make a special request? Can You replace Eclipse icon? The current icon is from a very old version :( This is a new icon: Thank you very much! - Mar 04 2018
Telinkrin- Arrongin themes

GTK3 Themes 319 comments

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Oct 29 2019
Is it possible to just make a small support for dark applications without including Nautilus-hack? - Apr 04 2018
Please add the gtk-dark.css file to support dark applications. - Apr 01 2018
Telikrin is perfect! - Mar 30 2018

GTK3 Themes 87 comments

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Sep 07 2018
Please, this theme needs a bit tweaks in chrome button:

The icon in Chrome is larger than other applications - Mar 18 2018
XONE Catalina

Gnome Shell Themes 166 comments

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May 17 2020
Apparently you didn't understand the problem. I intend to make perfect replicas.

Note a battery icon. Note A blank line within this icon.

Make the measurements of an OS X icon.

See that they are not faithfully converted to a 16px icon.

You cannot create this line of 128px in 1px for 16px resolution.

What suggests changing the dimensions of an OS X icon isn't in the intentions.

I will not prolong this dialogue. I made a plausible suggestion to elevate the quality of the OS X themes.

Icon indicators is a flaw that all themes have committed and need to be corrected.

This theme is what was closest to achieving, but it is not paying attention to this. - Mar 18 2018
The question is mathematical. 1px only supports one color. These are the original icons in 128px:

Note that to make 1 blank line in 16px, you need to 8px on a 128px scale.

This does not occur in the icons pattern of OS X!

16X16px is a very small matrix and does not allow to build good quality icons.

See the difference:

Even the fonts you use is not rendered well in 9.5 pt is an incompatible size.

You better think about it. Run the tests. Any questions I'm available. - Mar 16 2018
Ok, but without this fix your theme will not be able to receive the real OS X icons indicators. Always using the La Capitaine generic icons. I don't think that's your intention. Think better about. - Mar 13 2018
hi unc926! I'm developin the OS X panel indicator icons in svg, available in the repository .But your theme needs a bit adjustments: mac OS uses the icons in 24px (1.5em) of size and the panel fonts are 10pt, look this: . Icons in 16px and fonts in 9.5pt not render good. Can you to make this changes? See the final results: - Mar 12 2018
Hi unc926 congratulations on your work! Is it possible u to fix the Show Applications tooltip button? Look the error: - Mar 05 2018
Hey Dev,

I'm going to have a little improvement on your project. The logo and removal of the icon from the current application. Project File: | Screenshot: - Feb 24 2018
Cupertino iCons Collection

Full Icon Themes 238 comments

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1 day ago
Hey dev, look this: - Mar 11 2018
Gnome and Pantheon (elementary OS) - Oct 04 2017
Is it possible to launch a new version without third-party app icons? - Oct 03 2017
Is it to make this theme pure, without including third-party apps? - Oct 03 2017

GTK3 Themes 19 comments

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Apr 27 2018
Please, consider to create a github repository to receive support and donations. The community will be grateful! - Nov 22 2017

Full Icon Themes 29 comments

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Mar 19 2020
Nice! In the next versions, keep the package without icons of third-party applications. - Nov 06 2017

GTK3 Themes 119 comments

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Apr 27 2018
Great! - Nov 05 2017
I found solution!

In file gtk-dark.css it's necessary to change the selector:
headerbar .title, .titlebar:not(headerbar) .title { }

Include this code into selector, reload Gnome Shell (alt + f2 + r) and will work!

headerbar .title, .titlebar:not(headerbar) .title {
color: rgba(175, 175, 175, 1.00);
text-shadow: none;
padding-left: 12px;
padding-right: 12px;}


Or replace this gtk-dark.css for this:

Is it possible to include the fix in future releases? - Nov 04 2017
In file gtk-dark.css - Nov 03 2017
Please, would it be possible to correct the title color of windows in dark applications?

Problem screenshot:

In previous versions this code solved the problem:

headerbar .title, .titlebar:not(headerbar) .title {
color: rgba(175, 175, 175, 1); // any light color

But in II version this doesn't works. - Nov 03 2017
PS: padding-left: 7px is the best value.

Print: - Oct 24 2017
1º Bug:

nautilus-window.maximized headerbar, .nautilus-window headerbar {
padding-left: 8px;}

Works for me. - Oct 24 2017
Very nice theme!

But unfortunately It have two bugs:

1º Margin in Nautilus when gnome buttons is in the left side.


2º Windows Text in dark applications are in black color hindering visibility.


It would be magic if you could fix the problem! Thanks! - Oct 24 2017

Full Icon Themes
by BalasakthiGopal

Score 81.3%
9   Nov 06 2017