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Claudio Canavese Genoa, Italy
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Mar 17 2015
Thank you, I don't have much time to expand this icon theme at the moment but I'm very happy to see it growing.

We could even merge thee 2 themes in one single theme with more contributors: the source files are hosted on launchpad so if you are interested in having a write access to let me know! - Mar 18 2015

Plasma Color Schemes 5 comments

by C0D
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Mar 14 2014
Well... yes sometimes I found time to draw some new icon, but I didn't dig into plasma themes at the moment.

I'd be happy to add it but I'd need some advice or examples: I've been away from KDE graphic for a while and I'd need some example to study.

...or you can contribute directly: Dark Future is hosted on Launchpad and it's open to any contribution! - Nov 04 2014
Chrome and Skype icons added!

If you are using Dark Future from a bazaar folder you just have to update your local copy to see them. - Mar 15 2011
Sorry for this late answer but I was really busy in my real life.

Sure! Chrome and Skype icons added to future blueprints. - Jan 25 2011

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by C0D
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Mar 14 2014
Ok I'll dig into into and let you know as soon as I have found something ;-) - Mar 14 2014
uhm... it should scale: all icons are in svg format.

Can you provide a screenshot of an icon theme with circular icons scaling better than DarkFuture?

Second question: can you confirm that this "pixelated effect" happens also with filled icons, such as kmail when new mail arrive? It could be that increasing border width could help. - Mar 14 2014
Kalarm and Clementine icons are now part of the Dark Future theme.

Check them using bazaar and let me know if you like it :-) - Mar 28 2011
Blueprint added!

I'm very busy this month, but it shouldn't be such a hard work. I'll post a comment here when they are ready. - Mar 17 2011
Kalarm is not a problem: I already have an icon for that, I just have to add it.

I don't know clementine, is it this?

Let me know and I'll add them! - Mar 16 2011
Maybe this is because I linked the launchpad file directly.

While I figure out why this happens you can download the file from launchpad: just click on the big green button on the right column ;-) - Nov 23 2010
Sorry, I'm not sure to understand: did you mean you are not able to download the theme from the download link on this page or through the bzr command as explained in "How to install from Bazaar" section?

BTW check if you can access the project page on

Let me know. - Nov 22 2010
Yes sure.

Sorry for this late answer.

1) install the bzr package (for example in debian-based distros "apt-get install bzr")

2) move into your icons folder with
cd ~/.kde/share/icons

3) get the latest source
bzr co lp:darkfuture DarkFuture

4) move into the theme folder
cd DarkFuture

5) run the colorizer script

Now you'll be prompted for new colors: use the HEX notation without # (for example white=ffffff, black=000000).

If you experience problems just ask: I'll try to answer as soon as possible. - Nov 12 2010
I can't reply to your last message, ayni, so I write here.

I'm glad you solved. I'll update the script with your suggestions and I'll investigate the rename issue.

Thank you :-) - Sep 24 2010
I'm sorry you can't make it work.

Let's find a solution together!

The script uses:
- gzip
- gunzip
- rename
- perl

Make sure you have what it's needed and that you're using bash shell.

You can send me a private message and we can work on it. - Sep 24 2010
Here it is:

Public domain: no credits needed (it's just a color scheme, after all!)

As I said: it's far from being perfect but it works. - Sep 13 2010

We will wait for ksvgtopng to support halos. This is a vectorial theme and I'd like to keep it as is if I can. - Sep 07 2010
Why don't you try the colorizer script?

Using bazaar you'll be able to download the trunk branch (always in development) where you will find the colorizer script: just put 000000 in it and wait a couple of seconds to have a brand new theme with black icons. - Sep 07 2010
Ciao :-)

I'm using a color scheme of my own (far from perfection but it works most of the times) and the Tragedy theme for Aurorae Decoration theme engine.

I could post the color scheme if somebody is interested in it. - Sep 07 2010
Thank you.

Unfortunately as far as I know the KDE svg support does not allow the use of blur so we cannot have halos.

I'll keep your suggestion for the time when it will be supported ;-)
Until then you can colorize Dark Future as many times as you wish with the colorizer script.

Try it with bright desktops and let me know how it looks, if you like.

But remember: its name is Dark Future because it was designed for dark themes... and because future is dark... we all now. - Sep 06 2010
Unfortunately I don't use KDE 4.5.

Would you like to help me understanding how glow works?
Is it a KDE 4.5 feature or just a graphic effect that should be manually added to all icons?

And what about adding it by yourself? Dark Future is on launchpad because everyone can contribute! - Sep 06 2010
ERRATA CORRIGE: if you branch Dark Future with bzr branch you should update it with:

bzr pull

My fault :-) - Sep 06 2010
Being this a vectorial theme it's very easy to change the main color: we could just turn it into a black-on-transparent theme (or red, or blue, or anything).

Could this be a solution or, in your opinion, it's better to add the glow?

BTW I just added a colorizer script to let anyone colorize Dark Future :-)
It won't work on some icons: I'm fixing it. - Sep 06 2010
Homepage link was fixed.

Thank you - Aug 26 2010
Ahaaaa you recognized the background, didn't you? :-)

A complete theme is a big effort, I'll focus on icons for now but everything is possible.

As I said in the description: any help is appreciated: I used launchpad because I'm open to any contribution. - Aug 26 2010
Sure: I'll add them on launchpad as soon as I'll make them.

If you want to esily update this theme don't use the tar.gz, follow these steps:
1) install bazaar
2) go in your ~/.kde/share/icons folder
3) type:
bzr branch lp:darkfuture DarkFuture

To update it just run:
bzr up
inside your ~/.kde/share/icons/DarkFuture folder - Aug 26 2010
Thank you Stefano for your blog post! - Aug 26 2010