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Martin Airs Wallingford, United Kingdom
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Plasma 4 Extensions

Plasma 4 Extensions 31 comments

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Jan 04 2014
sorry if progress is slow right now, it will get better I promise - Oct 16 2012
had to do a little bit of a rewrite in some areas, so it does what it does now, but just a bit better, and should make things easier in future.
I should be able to get on and start adding some new features now, so shouldn't be long and I'll pop out another version

thanks for your patients. Martin - Oct 11 2012
to join a room type "/join #room" and make sure you have the latest version, as I have already fixed the no users in rooms bug.

also the is just a placeholder text, it doesn't actually do anything, I just put it there as an example, but I think I may remove it as it seems to be confusing people.

sorry - Oct 04 2012
thank you,

I have discovered that on some irc servers the names do not show up in the nick list box, it does work on freenode and my own irc server, but I am looking into it :)

and knotify is already in the works :) - Oct 01 2012
Ok thanks for this, I'm looking it that :) - Sep 24 2012
Oh dear, lol, Umm the only thing I can think of is to remove it and try re adding it, it works ok on various systems tested on by my friends. If you run plasmoidviewer IRCApplet do you get any errors in the console? - Sep 24 2012
Oxygen Gtk

QtCurve 340 comments

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Oct 23 2014
QtCurve manages transparency, how do they do it??
having transparent oxygen would be nice.
Martin - Sep 16 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 46 comments

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Oct 07 2009
Hello there,

well i managed to fix it..

what i did was comment out 2 lines in

def play(self):
source = self.config.getUrl()
if Phonon.MediaSource( source ).type() == -1:
KMessageBox.error(None, "Initial Configuration required.", "Stream Configuration")
self.mediaObject.setCurrentSource( Phonon.MediaSource( source ) )
# self.audioOutput = Phonon.AudioOutput(Phonon.MusicCategory)
# Phonon.createPath(self.mediaObject, self.audioOutput) # async

it appears that in order for you to get your mousewheel volume to work you created 2 audio objects Phonon.audioOutput and Phonon.MediaSource
when i comment out these lines i only get 1 stream in the pulseaudio volume control, I found that the mousewheel only controled the volume of 1 of the outputs - Apr 08 2010
when i play a stream with this simplestream and look in the pulse audio volume controler there are 2 streams playing. exactly the same thing obviously.

all i did was install new widgets, and used the kde4 interface to install it, so i havn't done anything to mess it up.

i wonder if anyone else experiences this?
is there a fix? - Apr 07 2010
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 453 comments

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Nov 03 2011
Hello there,

I'm experiencing this apps losing focus with compiz

however I seem to have found a quick fix

in compiz settings goto...

General Options->Focus and Raise Behaviour

then in the "Focus Prevention Windows" box put...

(any) & !(class=Kdialogd4)

this fixes it for me, well in firefox and thunderbird anyway. - Dec 01 2009

Cursors 307 comments

by jlue
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Aug 02 2017
Hi there,

I was having an issue with the cursors not working in firefox and other gtk apps

so what I did was create a file ~/.gtkrc-2.0

and added...

gtk-cursor-theme-name="Comix Cursor original White Regular Bold"

obviously you would put your own theme in there, but thats fixed it for me

I hope that helps anyone else having this issue

Martin - Oct 17 2009
Hi there, Just wanted to say I like the cursors very much :)

and nice job, well done

I am now a fan - Oct 15 2009
First Shot - K-tec

KDE Plasma Screenshots 1 comment

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Oct 16 2009
It looks really nice, but its very dark, can you see everything properly on the screen??

looks neat tho - Oct 16 2009

Screensavers 116 comments

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Jul 30 2010
Oh I should also mention that its fine in the preview aswell, I get a desktop grab in the preview, its only when I wait for X amount of minutes and it kicks in automatically that I dont get a desktop grab and it displays comets on a black background, I suspect there is a box in there its just black because the camera still pans about - Oct 15 2009
Hi there,

Thanks for the reply, sorry I took so long, but that doesn't fix it

I'm using Fedora and this screensaver is in the rpm repo's, I originally had yum installed it, but I thought first I'd try to build it from source, and still the same thing happens.

Then I did make uninstall and re unzgip'ed the package into a new folder and made the changes you suggested to kglcometen4.cpp and rebuilt, but it still doesn't fix it :(

sorry - Oct 15 2009
Hi there,

Compliments to the author of this great screensaver

I wonder if someone can help me, if I use kwin as my window manager the screensaver shows my desktop in the cube fine, but if I use compiz all I see is the comets in a black background, it doesn't grab a desktop shot.

well actually it does, but only maybe 1 in 10 times, most of the time it doesn't, and the background is just black, its quite strange.

Is there a fix/workaround for this little issue?? - Oct 14 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by halcyon85

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Apr 08 2010
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Dec 13 2009
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by CraigD

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Dec 01 2009

by jlue

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Oct 15 2009

by jstamp

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Oct 14 2009

Wallpaper Other
by sguvendir

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9   Jul 12 2011
Josefina 4

Wallpaper Other
by linuxlex

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9   Jul 12 2011

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by michao

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9   Dec 10 2010
Glassified Splash

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by painkiller101

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9   Dec 10 2010
Bundesliga Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Fxrh

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9   Dec 09 2010
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3   Nov 12 2010