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Mike Davis
Smooth Akua w/ Karamba

KDE Plasma Screenshots 14 comments

by ntesa
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Apr 20 2003
Why? WHen I click on the "download" link, it direct me to one of the screen-shot jpeg file? Was the link not right? - Apr 20 2003
Karamba patched

Karamba & Superkaramba 74 comments

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Apr 18 2003
Wow, how did you get that? So cool - Apr 18 2003
Thanks very much for working so hard on it:) I wasn't able to patch the testlabel.cpp, maybe it's because we didn't have the same original file. Can you send me the whole file textlabel.cpp to
thanks again! - Apr 18 2003
After playing with it for a while, this problem might have sth to do with the text scrolling... - Apr 18 2003
Don't know if this is only to my theme.
I am using the Mac OS X theme with karamba. I have some text object on the top bar, like "search, logout,etc". It was working great when I use 0.17a (the version with icon rollover support).
If I use 0.17c to load the theme, the text objects won't display properly. It seems random that which text objects will show up and where they will showup.. And you can reload the configuration, different text objects show up, but seldom all show up together and at the right locations...
Thanks for the great work, though! - Apr 18 2003
Only if it can show tooltip when mouseover the icons, it would be perfect..... - Apr 17 2003
It worked instantly on me:)) We can now imitate the real Mac bar:)
Thanks - Apr 17 2003
Karamba Mac Os X Bar

Karamba & Superkaramba 35 comments

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Jun 02 2003
My problem is, if you set the theme using Karamba. Then you restart your machine, and then when you get back in, the bars may be out of locations (especially the bottom bar might be moved to the top of the scree)...
Don't know if anybody else got this problem too. - Apr 18 2003
My bad, just figured out how to change the images and text on the bar,etc.
Sorry:) - Apr 17 2003
BTW: I only mean the top bar - Apr 17 2003
Since the bar are just plain image, so we need to actually edit the image to get them changed.. Can it be made such that it's just a container and you can then put whatever icons onto the bars? Don't know if it's easy. - Apr 17 2003