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Cassandra Tiberend Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America
lukas desk_op-let

Conky 42 comments

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May 23 2009
I'm also running Ubuntu 9.04. If you install it correctly with the script that is in the compressed file, it will install an icon on the desktop to start Adesklets. The problem is that as soon as I move the pointer over any part of the bar, it just disappears. I'm not that much of a techie, but could some one explain what is going on so that I could get it to stay on without quitting. - Jul 27 2009
Lima Pink

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Nov 22 2008
I figured it out. LOL Adriana Lima. - Jul 27 2009
Could you verify exactly who the model is this is an awesome login screen! - Jul 27 2009

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Jun 12 2009
I love the wallpaper you used for this. Where could it be obtained? - Jul 26 2009

GDM Themes
by alvonsius

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Jul 26 2009