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Chad Oliver

Various Gnome Stuff by M7S 39 comments

First, thank you for the wonderful idea and implementation. It does save a lot of space.
If it makes any difference, I am running ubuntu 9.10.
My problem (and the thing that eventually caused me to remove it from the panel) is that when switching workspaces (and therefore changing which program has focus), the panel does not change to reflect the new focus.
For example, I have firefox open on one virtual desktop, and a terminal opened on the other. When I switch from the 'firefox' desktop to the 'terminal' desktop using the compiz desktop cube, the panel still shows firefox. This makes it very hard to close things.
I don't know if this issue also appears when using the default virtual desktops (accessed by a button on the bottom panel).

Well, I'm not much of a programmer, so I can't offer any hard solutions. But I assume what you want is for the namebar panel to refresh when the desktop cube is rotated.

Thanks for all your help!
(P.S., if I didn't make this clear: this is a feature request, not a demand!)

-Chad Oliver - Mar 24 2010