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Linh Ngo
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Mar 07 2019
there is "build" in home, but it empty - Apr 11 2017
where is "build/" folders, i can't find it, inkscape installed, ran. - Apr 11 2017
when i install (read me), i receive "cp: cannot stat 'bin/xcursor': No such file or directory"

" - Apr 10 2017
help me. i use linux mint. i don't find build folder or anything - Apr 10 2017
Poppy OS Ⓧ Icons

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Apr 16 2016
i unpacked in ~.themes, ~.icons, /usr/share/icons/. all failed :'( - Jan 08 2016
incompatible with MINT :'( i don't see pack in menu themes to chooice - Jan 08 2016
incompatible with MINT :'( - Jan 08 2016
help me, how to install. i use linux mint - Jan 07 2016

Full Icon Themes 19 comments

by ZMA
Score 70.0%
Aug 22 2019
hey. can i make a icon pack same as the icon pack in the link?
- Jan 08 2016

it's in folder symboli coic.

and after i copied:

i do it right, don't it?? - Jan 08 2016
hey, :( now, i want to have "symbolic green", "green actions" and "bell cells" together. what can i do - Jan 07 2016
:D tks. i changed. tks u very much. what a beautiful icon packs.! i like it. and. i have a questions. some packs "bee cells status" "bee cell actions" ............... auto changed when i chooice theme "bee cell", are right? - Jan 07 2016
i in Viet Nam, not many documents :'(

in /usr/share/icons

in menu chooise and some icon after change - Jan 07 2016
2 pictures from my computer.
Please see :D i test Bee cells icons - Jan 07 2016
why don't to allow to upload pictures in comment :( i chooice "Smaragd" in Icons in Themes (because it only appear in there), what i saw is error, it don't same as picture demo in topic :'( - Jan 06 2016
i understood what u said. but. i use linux mint. don't change in defaut setting themes tool in system, it error :(( i need a tweak tool for linux mint (cinamon), help me - Jan 06 2016
oh. u don't understand what i said. i unzipped tar.gz file to folder "Smaragd-all", in folder "Smaragd-all", include many diffirent folders, ex "Smaragd", "Smaragd black status", "Smaragd symbolic blue" , ............ And now, i will copying big folder "Smaragd-all" to usr/share/icons or copying all folders ( Smaragd, Smaragd black status, Smaragd symbolic blue, ... ) in big folder "Smaragd-all" to usr/share/icons. :( please help me. and can u make a video introduct how to install, tks u very much :D - Jan 06 2016
I use Linux Mint, how to add, I did as instructed but did not get, I unzip the folder too much ??? I tried to copy all directories and directory folder contains all that, but no, no icons have been changed, it fails. help me - Jan 05 2016
Sphere-1.2.5-v5 and 1.3

Full Icon Themes 1 comment

by ZMA
Score 72.2%
Jan 10 2019
hello, how to install, i use linux mint - Jan 07 2016