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Jan Ekholm Turku, Finland
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Memory monitor

System Software 7 comments

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May 12 2008
The website is no longer available and the application has not been updated in 8 years or so.
- Apr 20 2017
The /opt dir is something that "make dist" using QMake added. My Qt 4.4 is installed in /opt, so I guess QMake copied the used spec file for some reason. I'll remove it for the next release.

I think the next version could get some toolbar, menu bar or similar for extra functionality, this version is very bare bones. - May 09 2008
Guitar Chord Editor

Music Production 2 comments

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Mar 01 2010
Indeed, 4.6 is required. QGraphicsObject is a class that appeared with 4.6. - Mar 01 2010