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Developers Apps 6 comments

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Apr 07 2009
This code is very outdated
Please check out Martlet at - Mar 18 2011
Here we used LD_PRELOAD technique for injecting our code into applications.

If you are getting "cant open display" or something similar - try to execute "xhost +" - Apr 06 2009
Maybe someone knows how to preload my modified Qt libraries to given app ... - Apr 06 2009
I need a good advice how to inject my dll code into third party application.
Into its main QApplication thread. - Apr 06 2009

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Mar 10 2011
This lib is designed to support different protocol implementation.
Currently there is only one QVariant-to-String conversion based.

All parameters data transfered as a unicode strings. So the endianess is not a case.

Being aware of this issues I have started from string based protocol. - Mar 18 2011

Graphic Apps
by kosss

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Dec 15 2009
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Developers Apps
by vovanec

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Mar 10 2009

Vector Graphics
by DanaKil

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Mar 10 2009

Qt Widgets
by Volki

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Mar 10 2009