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Kasperi Kuuskoski Turku, Finland
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Sep 25 2010
Yeah, i don't remember what i needed it for, but ill keep it that way until next real release. Hopefully fix works, couldn't test it because im on windows, and cannot use linux for a while. - Apr 24 2010
Yeah, i knew about this when i made the program, but i still chose to make a language selecting dialog. But if it creates problems, i should probably change it. - Apr 23 2010
Aww, nasty! Debian seems to have some different locale names than Arch. Getting back to this maybe tomorrow. - Apr 23 2010
Did you try to start the program from the command line? If not, try that, and if it doesn't work, paste the terminal output here. - Apr 23 2010
THANK YOU! Saved a lot time from me, got also the error dialogs now. :) Version 0.6 now supports beesu, gksu, and sudo. (But no configuration, it would take too much time.) - Sep 20 2009
It appears that beesu is only for fedora. Well, i will add an preferences dialog in next version, so you can select between gksu or beesu.

(Bad english, sorry) - Sep 20 2009
Real time Earth

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Sep 21 2009
The "link" to the script is broken. 404 Not Found. - Sep 21 2009