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Dmitry Baryshev , Belarus
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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by CKulT
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Dec 21 2007
Could you please send me some screenshots?
- Dec 19 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 22 comments

by CKulT
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Dec 17 2007
Yes, maybe in the future release... :)

I need yet another applet for my machine at work - smb4k client for kicker. And I'm working on it now. It will allow much faster access to smb shares, than running smb4k or konqueror (my machine is too slow, so I need to wait 5-7 seconds until smb4k/konq is started). - Dec 17 2007
In general, renicing is useless unless you are a root (man renice). - Dec 17 2007
Yes, probably in 0.3.3 - Dec 15 2007
Hmmm !!! I see you already installed broken KPV package.

Yes, you are right. Do not remove it. It will totally break you system. - Dec 14 2007
Do NOT use checkinstall. It is totally buggy. Sometimes it copies in binary package useless libraries, object files and even g++ compiler. You can try to rebuild KPV, then use checkinstall again. If it still doesn't work, use rpm native utilities to build a package. For example, I use dpgk-deb in Debian. I hope RPM has smth like it. - Dec 14 2007
I think I'll change project name to kprocessviewer, because we already have KPV project - KPackViewer. - Dec 14 2007
Currently no - Dec 13 2007
Hmm.. Strange, but works for me:
- Dec 13 2007

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by CKulT
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Dec 11 2007
3) --

Yes, I need tcpkill functionality for myself. I use tcpkill in console at work to kill unwanted connections. But it is complex task to implement it in GUI due to huge number of tcpdump expressions (tcpkill uses tcpdump expressions). We can

1) Rely on user. Simply create text input box and pass its contents to tcpkill. In this case user should learn tcpdump expressions and exactly know what is he doing. This is easier for me and more complex for user.

2) Implement all tcpdump expressions as GUI elements: checkboxes, linedits etc. This will be easier for user and more complex for me :)

I hope I'll implement the second one in the future. - Dec 10 2007
1) and 2)

KDE has excellent KWin manager. Use it to save position and size of KConnections' windows. KSquirrel FAQ tells how to do it: - Dec 10 2007
Insert your torrent client into the black list ? It works for me and KTorrent. - Dec 07 2007
Try to remove config file ~/.kde/share/config/kconnectionsrc and restart the app. In 0.3 white list is enabled by default. - Dec 07 2007
Thanks. I'll fix this in the next release. - Dec 07 2007

1) See 3)
2) It would be much better to use KWin settings to save Options' position
3) Current connections are shown in tooltip. Just move mouse to KConnections' icon and wait few seconds. 0.3 will also have additional window to show current connections in real time. This window will popup when you click on KConnections' icon. - Dec 07 2007
Yes, will be presented in 0.3 - Dec 07 2007
0.3 will have "white lists". You will be able to switch between black and white lists. - Dec 07 2007
0.3 will have "white lists". You will be able to switch between black and white lists. - Dec 07 2007

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by CKulT
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Jun 24 2010
Thanks for the patch. I'll update -libs tommorrow. - Dec 08 2007
Try to install kde-devel, or libkonq4-dev - Nov 16 2007
JPEG2000 stuff

Since version 0.7.3, binary package of ksquirrel-libs for Debian/Ubuntu depends on libjasper-1.701 OR libjasper1. It will allow to install ksquirrel-libs_0.7.3-1etch_i386.deb both in Debian Etch and in Kubuntu Gutsy with libjasper-1.900. But in order to use JPEG2000 codec with libjasper1 (e.g. 1.900) without problems you should do one simple trick (as root):

# ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

If you don't need JPEG2000 at all, you can simply remove this codec:

# rm -f /usr/lib/ksquirrel-libs/ - Nov 03 2007
In this case slideshow will act as image window. Use image window instead. - Oct 19 2007
not earlier than KDE4 based Debian/KUbuntu will be released :) - Oct 17 2007
Try to install .debs from - Oct 06 2007
If JPEG2000 is the only problem with dependencies, you try one simple trick with libraries:

1) install libjasper1_1.900
2) create symlink (as root):

# ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

3) use dpkg with "--force" to install ksquirrel-libs:

# dpkg -i --force all ksquirrel-libs_0.7.2-1etch_i386.deb

This should work :) - Oct 05 2007
How did you try to open IMG_3091.JPG ? Give me more info. From command line or from KSquirrel itself ? Also give me full URL of IMG_3091.JPG image. - Sep 11 2007
Hi. As I understood, Riven has problems with printing. Unfortunately this is doesn't depend on me. Since version 0.7.0-pre1 KSquirrel supports KIPI plugins, so you should send a feature request to Todd Shoemaker - the author of KIPI Print wizard.

Thanks :)

Say, 0.7.1 with KEXIF and kio-slaves support is coming soon :) - Aug 06 2007
At first, create binary file:

# msgfmt -o ksquirrel.po

Then make a symlink to it, and start KSquirrel:

# ln -s /usr/share/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/
# ksquirrel - Jun 03 2007
Currently no. You can talk to author via email :) - Jun 01 2007
jpeg files will be handled by jpeg codec anyway (.thm files from Sony cameras too, since they are regular jpeg files). CAMERA codec uses dcraw, which can additionally support libjpeg library (for thumbnail support I think). - May 28 2007
yes, hardware-accelerated OpenGL support - May 28 2007
updated. - May 17 2007
Ah, sorry. Today I'll update source distribution.

...But now you can just go to ksquirrel.h file at line 174 and replace

void KSquirrel::configAnime(bool init = true);


void configAnime(bool init = true);

and recompile package.

Sorry once more :)
- May 17 2007
Just upgrade to 0.7.0try4 - May 17 2007
Please send me KCrash output, krivetko :) - May 15 2007
read installation instructions.

TTF codec is designed for freetype-2.1.10. Since freetype is not binary compatible from version to version it is not guaranteed that TTF codec will be built successfully with other versions of freetype rather than 2.1.10. Ask freetype team about it. - May 14 2007
You can do it only with patching source code. Just replace everywhere

<...>readBoolEntry("builtin", false);


<...>readBoolEntry("builtin", true);
- May 07 2007
You can do it only with patching source code. Just replace everywhere

<...>readBoolEntry("builtin", false);


<...>readBoolEntry("builtin", true);
- May 07 2007
Try to install kde-devel metapackage, it works for me on my Debian 3.1:

# apt-get install kde-devel

P.S. KSquirrel is waiting for Ubuntu maintainter at - Apr 25 2007
ksquirrel-small is currently removed till better times :) - Apr 22 2007
You didn't pass --prefix=/usr to configure script in ksquirrel-libs. Check INSTALL file in source distribution. - Apr 10 2007
Hm. Run make and after this error copy all *.h files from imageedit_dlg/ to imageedit_overlay/ and run make again. - Apr 10 2007
Hi. As it said at "When you install libgamin, the libfam dependency will be satisfied. You'll be all set.". So you should install libgamin0 and libgamin-dev. If you still have problems, maybe try to ask Ubuntu users at I cann't help you since I'm Debian user. I can only say that KSquirrel desn't use FAM. KDE libraries in KUbuntu probably use them, but KSquirrel itself does not.

Maybe this link will help you: - Apr 02 2007
Hi. What is your KDE version ? It should be compiled w/o problems on 3.3. Anyway, I've updated KSquirrel and now it should be compiled successfully on your system. - Mar 10 2007
Please install arts-devel package (or something like it) . On Debian do

# apt-get install libarts1-dev - Jun 14 2006

# export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig

before configuring and compiling KSquirrel. - Jun 13 2006
Hi. Currently I have no time to develop KSquirrel, I'll try to solve this problem as soon as possible. Thanks. - Mar 04 2006
if /usr/include/ksquirrel-libs/ doesn't exist, you didn't install ksquirrel-libs correctly. That's why KSquirrel can't find development files.

[Now as far as I know aRts is for sound. What functionality will I lose with an image viewer??]

KSquirrel doesn't use arts, configure checks for it automatically. - Jan 08 2006
Hi. What is your automake version ? Also send me on email all output of "./configure.gnu" and "make" - Dec 24 2005

They are NOT taken from ACDSee. I took an IDEA from ACDSee, and based my icons on "thumbnail.png" icon from Crystal theme by (C) Everlado. - Dec 23 2005