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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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by CKulT
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Jun 24 2010
Great! =) - Dec 23 2005
JPEG200 as well as most image formats in ksquirrel-libs is supported since 0.6.0-pre-?. If your version is 0.5.0, JPEG2000 is not supported. - Dec 01 2005
then all image codecs will become a part of KDE, and it's really bad. That's why all image codecs and image processing filters are available as single (and pure C++) packages: ksquirrel-libs and fmt_filters.

KImageIO interface also doesn't support decoding of scanlines :( In 0.7.0 I plan to create threaded decoding (which was initially written in early 0.2.2, but dead :) ) with cycle-breaking mechanism (like in ACDSee). - Nov 15 2005
Hi. I thought about it much time ago. But there are some problems. Kipi plugins won't use ksquirrel-libs. Many image formats won't been handled :( Anyway, currently I don't have much time to work with KIPI, any help is welcome :) - Nov 15 2005
You need specify libdir only for "configure", "configure.gnu" doesn't require libdir (as it said in INSTALL). - Nov 12 2005
Once more:

$ cd ksquirrel-libs-0.6.0
$ ./configure --libdir=/usr/lib/ksquirrel-libs (or ./configure.gnu)
$ make
$ su -c 'make install'

Hope it will work now. - Nov 11 2005
That's right: you didn't install ksquirrel-libs as it said in INSTALL. You needn't recompile or reinstall KSquirrel. Just reinstall ksquirrel-libs as it said in ksquirrel-libs/INSTALL or - Nov 11 2005
They should be created automatically by UIC from .ui files. Probably "configure" didn't find UIC and MOC. - Nov 11 2005
Probably it's local problem. KSquirrel was built successfully on Debian Sarge with KDE 3.3 and Slackware 10.0 with KDE 3.2 - Nov 11 2005
KSquirrel uses ksquirrel-libs to load images. Libraries should be installed in /usr/lib/ksquirrel-libs/ (read INSTALL). Show me please output of following commands:

$ ls /usr/lib/ksquirrel-libs


$ ksquirrel -l - Nov 11 2005
How did you install ksquirrel-libs ? Read ksquirrel-libs/INSTALL for more. - Nov 10 2005
Ah, I forgot to put doc/sources/* in distribution. Today I'll update ksquirrel-libs. - Nov 09 2005
Hi. Thanks!

0.6.0-pre9 will have experimental linear filter. 0.6.0-final is coming soon :) - Nov 05 2005
Thanks, Kwellmeister! Could you please send me debian/ subdirectores ? - Oct 10 2005
Hi. I used pixops library from gdk-pixbuf.

I didn't find any good library that could resize images using different methods, so I used pixops. You can read README from ksquirrel-0.6.0/ksquirrel/libpixops for more.

I'll be VERY glad to get good library for resizing. Do you know one ? - Sep 02 2005
Currently no :( But now I'm migrating to Debian Sarge, so I hope debian packages are coming soon :) - Sep 02 2005
I'm very glad, that you found KSquirrel useful. Thanks. - Jun 08 2005
You can wait 0.6.0 - it won't depend on OpenGL :) - May 18 2005
Hi. Configure didn't find OpenGL library. Did you install video drivers ? - May 18 2005
Ok. I found what was wrong. ksquirrel.deskop is installed in Applications/ branch in K-Menu. It doesn't work from sources on MDK too. It can be solved only by rpm packager for SUSE. - May 17 2005
Ok. configure.gnu is just wrapper for configure. What is the first line, printed by configure.gnu ? In you case it should look

$ ./configure.gnu
Doing configure --prefix=/opt/kde3 ...
checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
checking for -p flag to install... yes

Is it right ? - May 17 2005
Hmm ... :) Of course it has icons and .desktop file, and it strange that they didn't appear in K-Menu :)
Icons and .desktop file are located in sources in ksquirrel-0.6.0/ksquirrel/:

[ckult@localhost]$ ls *.png *.desktop

hi16-app-ksquirrel.png hi32-app-ksquirrel.png ksquirrel.desktop

They should be installed automatically. Did you configured KSquirrel with ./configure.gnu ?

Please, remember, that I've never tested KSquirrel on KDE >= 3.3 :(

Thanks :) - May 17 2005
Yo can check screenshots of incoming innovations:

Resize tool:

Rotate & flip tool:

Colorize tool: - May 04 2005
Good news: 0.6.0 will have tool to resize images :) - Apr 30 2005
ksquirrel-libs from source requires libpng, libpng-devel, libjpeg, libjpeg-devel, libtiff, libtiff-devel, and libxfree86-devel (or something like it in your distro). - Feb 26 2005
>>I can not read any file name anymore in Thumbnails mode

Strange thing, I thought I've solved this problem :) Please, send me screenshot.

>>I am looking for a tool to resize my photos, is this function planned for your tool too ?

Currently no :( , I'm planning write functions in ksquirrel-libs :) - Feb 21 2005
>>but maybe it's possible to share the loading functions into a single structure

Maybe like ksquirrel-libs ? :) - Feb 20 2005
The main problem is that I really have no experience in things you are talking about :(

And the second - I have not so much time to spend in internet.

What can you suggest me ? your help will be neccessary for me.

P.S. It is ridiculous, but I don't even know what kipi is %) - Feb 20 2005
>>We have way too much viewers at the moment

Yeah, but no one the best. It seemed that the most powerful image viewer - ShowImg - can't even show animated GIFs properly, as well as CMYK PSD, etc. - Feb 20 2005
Thanks :)

1) Yeah, it's very strange code in sq_archivehandler.cpp with try { ... } catch { ... }; I'll remove it in 0.5.0-final. It's useless :)

2) you can rename exit => _exit :) I don't know what Patrick hacked in glibc, but 'exit' should be 'exit', not '_exit' :) - Feb 05 2005
Binary packages coming soon ... :)
Thanks. - Feb 04 2005
It is very strange. I've just create new test for tiffio_crazy.h and ./configure passed ok!

checking tiffio_crazy.h usability... no
checking tiffio_crazy.h presence... no
checking for tiffio_crazy.h... no
checking tiff.h usability... yes
checking tiff.h presence... yes
checking for tiff.h... yes
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating Makefile
config.status: creating contrib/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/bmp/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/gif/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/pix/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/xbm/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/xpm/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/tga/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/sgi/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/ras/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/pnm/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/pcx/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/ico/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/png/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/jpeg/Makefile
config.status: creating kernel/xwd/Makefile
config.status: executing depfiles commands


Enabled: bmp gif pix xbm xpm tga sgi ras pnm pcx ico jpeg png xwd
Disabled: tiff

Now run 'make' to compile libraries
- Feb 04 2005
You should install libtiff-devel, but it's very strange, that ksquirrel-libs tried to compile tiff library without tiffio.h. I'll try ro fix it in 0.5.0-final. - Feb 04 2005
Real problem: I have about 10 Mb tga textures. No one viewer was able to show them properly! Awful! - Nov 30 2004
Not so far ago I had a section named "Why?" on I found TOO many problems in existing viewers. In general, they use imlib or QImage::load. Imlib has really many problems with decoding (bmp 32bit, tga rle, etc.) QImage::load supports only basic formats. KSquirrel loads images line-by-line and manupulates them very fast (thanks OpenGL). I'm sure 0.5.0-final will have about 20 decoders and will support animated GIF's. Anyway, if you found a bug - send me a bug report. I'll try to fix it. You can also send me wishes and solutions ...

Regards, CKulT. - Nov 30 2004
KSquirrel consists of 2 parts - the main program (ksquirrel) and libraries (ksquirrel-libs). By default libs will be copied in /usr/lib/squirrel/, and ksquirrel's binary doesn't depend on ksquirrel-libs. So you should install ksquirrel-libs (before ksquirrel, or after - as you want). Also you can setup directory with libraries through 'Options'. - Nov 25 2004
* - Nov 25 2004
:) - Nov 25 2004
:) - Nov 24 2004
it's not an error - Nov 22 2004
edit sq_archivehandler.cpp - Nov 21 2004
thank you, loki ! - Nov 21 2004

it's hard to code it at this time :( - May 21 2004
Please write your wishes and opinions! - May 15 2004

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Apr 12 2005

One GPL project cann't _steal_ code from another.

P.S. man gpl - Jul 26 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

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Jun 21 2005

KSquirrel has all features which you need like 'fit width', 'fit height', 'fit window', 'zoom 100%', etc. But now it has problems with huge images, which cann't be located in memory. It will be fixed in 0.6.0-final :) - Jun 23 2005
KSquirrel has all features which you need like 'fit width', 'fit height', 'zoom 100%', etc. - Jun 21 2005
Umbrello UML Modeller

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Jan 12 2008

Please, remove autom4te.cache from distribution of 1.3.2 ! Unpacked it takes about 2 Mb of space ! - Jun 10 2005