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tilarien z , Cyprus

Network by jstamp 805 comments

Thank you for your response.
Actually, auto range works and I can change between auto and manual. It's just that in the GUI it's not possible to set maximum above 10000, and although it shows "10 000 KiB/s" in the GUI, the plotter uses that as 10 000 B/s. I tried to set MaximumValue to my desired value in knemorc, but the GUI maxes out at 49 KiB/s. - Nov 12 2012

Network by jstamp 805 comments

In versions 0.7.4 and 0.7.5:
"Specify graph range" unchecked.
"Maximum value" textbox: "10000.00 KiB/s".
Real maximum on the graph: 10 KiB/s, and it's not just a wrong label, it's the real maximum displayed. - Nov 11 2012
Partition Assistant

Amarok 2.x Scripts by shiny521 3 comments

((((((((((-: - Jul 13 2010
Tagaini Jisho

Education Apps by Gnurou 2 comments

wow, i'm speechless! this program has IT ALL for learning kanji! now i'll go and worship its creators. - Apr 18 2010

FTP by Kostko 106 comments

filezilla - Dec 18 2009

Dolphin Service Menus by nowardev 1 comment

- - Jul 13 2009

Plasma Color Schemes by mwoehlke 10 comments

finally i found a beautiful theme! - Jan 10 2009
Loch Ness

Wallpaper Other by giora 1 comment

this is breathtakingly beautiful. thank you - Oct 08 2008
Kore Minimal Golden

Beryl/Emerald Themes by downdiagonal 11 comments

beautiful icons indeed. i'm waiting for the release - Oct 08 2008

KDE 3.5 Themes by Ezy 45 comments

"This is a theme based on Xaphire, created by JJ Ying ( All credits for the artwork goes to him. I only made the port of it."

but mr. ying does not offer xaphire for free - Oct 07 2008

Wallpaper Other by johndian 1 comment

uh, unframe it? - Oct 07 2008

KDE 3.5 Themes by Ezy 45 comments

why are you releasing this for free and why does it have copyright with your name? - Oct 07 2008
pond in bellevue

Wallpaper Other by crazytmac 2 comments

it's 1600x1200. keep looking - Oct 07 2008

Dolphin Service Menus by BlueG 2 comments

will try it out
thank you - Jun 24 2008
Béo deKorator

deKorator Themes by AdrienV 2 comments

the buttons that you have created are really great.
i don't like dark theme, so i combined them with other elements from "malizie" theme, they really fit in there - Jan 23 2008
Moodin (Engine) + Themes

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by moodwrod 244 comments

if you switched to package-based system, you wouldn't have to ./configure & make install anything, just download compiled package files (.rpm) and install them

i think it's easier that way if you are new to linux. - Dec 27 2007

Wallpaper Other by kingofkamelort 6 comments

world without genocide, please - Dec 27 2007

Full Icon Themes by sceazy 11 comments

folder icons are nice! - Nov 03 2007
Virus Bootsplash

Bootsplash Various by masterux 1 comment

remove the 'virus' word, and it will be a nice bootsplash, imho - Oct 23 2007

Nature by teteitete 1 comment

make it pastel maybe, without the dots - Jan 14 2007

Utilities by smileaf 34 comments

how about adding the option to enable/disable smooth scrolling?
the command is kwriteconfig --key SmoothScrolling --type bool false - Jan 06 2007
Yahoo Avatars

Karamba & Superkaramba by sangrehirviendo 7 comments

they look nice on your desktop - Dec 30 2006
Bird (Stieglitz+Kanarien) Bastard

Wallpaper Other by zeki0908 1 comment

what will we have next? pics of people in cages? - Nov 25 2006
kde is good

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by danypi 2 comments

fun! (: - Nov 04 2006

Wallpaper Other by a06khana 1 comment

it is much smaller than stated - Nov 04 2006
Rakotzbrücke Kromlau

Wallpaper Other by robert79 1 comment

looks like it'e from some fantasy movie (: - Nov 01 2006
Handsome Black Cat - Morpheus

Wallpaper Other by Lolek 5 comments

nice, except for those strange patches in the left bottom part - Nov 01 2006
Easy Windsurfing

Wallpaper Other by Sportman 2 comments

thank you - Oct 28 2006
Tasik Maninjau

Wallpaper Other by asahjaya 3 comments

i agree - Oct 16 2006
going SuSE

Wallpaper Other by zemkooo 33 comments

interesting, what were the previous two? - Oct 16 2006
Hypnotista Sade

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by hypnotic 16 comments

i found the solution to this. log out of kde (log out -> end current session), switch to text terminal (ctrl+alt+f2), and in file ~/.kde/share/config/kwinHypnotista_Saderc change the line "Colorize=1" to "Colorize=0". then ctrl+alt+f7, and log back in. - Oct 12 2006
RPM Package Maker

System Software by bico 27 comments

great idea, thanks! - Apr 11 2006
second hand icons

Full Icon Themes by caminoix 15 comments

thanks, i didn't pay attention to the 'version' tag. i guess i'll subscribe to this content, and download it when it's finished - Apr 07 2006
second hand icons

Full Icon Themes by caminoix 15 comments

i like them! but... why when i click download, i only get a picture of icons, and not the archive with icon set? - Apr 07 2006
Hypnotista Sade

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by hypnotic 16 comments

every time kde restarts, the highlight colour of all window buttons become blue, while i want the close button to stay red. i guess, kde somehow overrides your setting. i checked 'use theme colours' in control settings for your theme, and when apply this, the close button becomes red when mouse is over it, but only until next kde start. do you think this can be fixed? - Apr 06 2006
Linux Class 2

Wallpaper Other by linuxclass 37 comments

agree! - Apr 01 2006

System Software by MxCl 125 comments

and thanks to raoul for providing suse 10 rpm! - Mar 23 2006

System Software by MxCl 125 comments

this is one of the greatest programs! thank you very much! - Mar 23 2006
Blue Glass XCursors 3D

Cursors by ezteban 54 comments

thank you for this is great theme - Mar 22 2006
Old Church Photo

Wallpaper Other by PhilBG 6 comments

you did an impressive work! - Mar 19 2006
Oct 13 2010
Tagaini Jisho

Education Apps
by Gnurou

Apr 18 2010
Loch Ness

Wallpaper Other
by giora

Feb 20 2010

Plasma Color Schemes
by mwoehlke

Jan 10 2009
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Audio Extractors/Converters
by HessiJames

9   Oct 09 2010