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Browser by Timmmm 8 comments

A cool idea would be to borrow some code from Alienbbc (the plugin for slimserver) that parses the "Listen again" pages at BBC and lets you select programs from a menu and webpage. - Apr 15 2007

Science by beam 71 comments

When I select and copy the formatted reference in the preview pane, it pastes as bibtex!

Am I doing something wrong? - Jul 25 2006

Science by beam 71 comments

Very useful piece of software. Switched from kbibtex when I discovered this primarily because data entry is more streamlined (no need to switch tabs all the time).

The one thing I'd like to see is when yhou copy the "preview" to the clipboard it preserves the format rather than as bibtex. Make life a little esaier for using kbib with other tasks (pasting already formatted references into blogs for example).

Otherwise I love it and can't wait to see how it develops. - Jul 21 2006