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Ciprian Ciubotariu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 47 comments

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Jan 17 2011
Thanks for your quick response!

For reference, here is the gentoo bug report containing the Gentoo ebuild responsible for bringing your nice plugin on my machines. - Jan 18 2011
Hello. I have been using your nightmode desktop effect for a while now, and it is an exceptionally useful plugin.

However, the source code link is not working now. Also the link from is broken.

What happened? Can you put it back? - Jan 15 2011
Thanks for this - I was already using in a clumsy manner the power management applet to achieve this effect. However, the brightness kept changing on power events.

Also, I've attached a Gentoo ebuild for it at - Apr 26 2010

by thb

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Sep 23 2009