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Lars Mueller , Germany
GTK3 Themes

GTK3 Themes 36 comments

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Jul 17 2018
Is this fixed with v2.1.8 ? - Jul 17 2018
Yay, another user who just wants to just hit the close button without having to carefully aim first ;)
The quick way to change the colors is to edit the file gtk-3.0/gtk.css inside the theme's folder. But please don't blame me, if it doesn't work in all places. - Jan 24 2018
I know, but sadly, client side decorations seem to be unable to draw proper shadows without compositing - Jan 13 2017
v2.1.3 should fix it - Jan 13 2017
Do you mean those client side decorated windows like evince? If yes, what about the other windows? Do they have a normal shadow around the edges? - Jan 12 2017
Which version of nautilus are you using? - Jan 03 2017
Thanks for the feedback.
What part is not compatible with Ubuntu 14.04?
I probably won't create a replacement script. There are more and more changes in GreyBird that I'm not willing to take into CobiBird. - May 20 2014
It is planned and it will come, but due to my dayjob, I don't have as much time as I would like. Please be patient. - May 16 2014
I can't recommend this. This changes the ownership of a folder in /usr to a non-root user, which is something you just don't do. - Apr 14 2013
Please try installing it in /usr/share/themes (after removing it from ~/.themes) - Apr 14 2013
Where did you install the theme? In ~/.themes or in /usr/share/themes ? - Apr 11 2013

Thansk for reporting this.

I tried it myself with Ubuntu 13.04 beta 2 and had the same problem at first.
However, after a restart, the panel came with the intended colors.
It seems to me that Gtk 3.6 has a problem with theme-switching, I had a different problem with theme-switching on Fedora 18 (also Gtk 3.6) lately. - Apr 09 2013
Glass-shell Cinnamon theme

Cinnamon Themes 5 comments

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Aug 06 2013
I would like to include the analog clock themes "dark-white" and dark-white II" in the "official" clock distribution. Would you be OK with that? The other themes are already in there. - Mar 22 2017