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Amarok 2.x Scripts 47 comments

by cotko
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Jan 03 2011

I just tested it, I'm on archlinux with kde 4.9 and Amarok 2.6 and it works; both expanding stations and searching. The only thing is that it takes some time to get the results, sometimes up to 3 sec, but I can not do much here. - Oct 18 2012
I just tested it in wondows version, its Amarok 2.4 and the script works without problem. Is it working for you too? Maybe shoutcast was down or had some problems.. - Jan 23 2012
thanks for notice, I'll look into it today/tomorrow - Jan 23 2012

ok, I will add this on next update. For now, you can see this information in amarok's "info panel" (where you can see lyrics, track info, ... - see screenshots :)) - May 28 2011

the problem is that shoutcast changed their policy about accessing and searching the lists of stations. Application must get its key in order to get the results and to get the key, developer has to agree to some shoutcast's terms and requests (like displaying adds and other things). That's why Amarok, VLC and others dropped their integrated shoutcast services.

The key currently used in this script (since 2.1 update) was posted by some friendly user but it seems it was banned by the shoutcast.

There is some other way I could make this script work; I wanted to do it that way but I couldn't because there are two bugs in Qt's qtscript bindings:
[/url] and

so currently there is not much I can do besides asking developers to fix those bugs. - Jan 03 2011
hi, i just tried to open it and it works.
you can install it via amarok: tools-script manager- install new- get new scripts- search for soutcast and install it - Dec 28 2010
I just updated the script with that exact patch and then I saw this comment :D
- Dec 25 2010
Good!! :D
I already started searching for other sources (and found some so if shoutcast decides to remove this one, I have a backup :)) - Dec 21 2010
Yes, I know, the link where stations and genres are listed currently doesn't work:
(the list is empty)

I hope this is just temporarily but last year they were saying they were gonna do this (cut us off :S). If that's the case, I'll have to find another stations list source.. I'll wait a few days in hope it starts working again - Dec 18 2010
the script shows info about the song it is/was playing, station name, genre, nr. of listeners and bitrate :D
it's shown in info pane (one of the 'applets' like lyrics, youtube and other stuff) when you click on a certain station.
- Aug 12 2010
good idea, I'll take it into account next time.. I'll try to make search work again in next release (2.3.2 or whatever it will be) and also make some "preferred stations" entry or sth..

however, for now you can either
create a playlist of your of preferred stations
or bookmark your station (like you can bookmark any other songs / song positions etc..) - Jul 28 2010

yes, I know that search is not working anymore - new version of amarok fixed some scripting bugs but apparently also changed some previous functionality. In short, I can't insert search results as I could before. I tried to fix this as soon as I saw that it's not working anymore but I found out that the easiest way would be to use now working search filter, that means I must change quite a lot of code.

Now, besides not having a lot of time, there is another thing that stopped me to update and fix this script:

it seems that winamp api will not be accessible to not registered users very soon.. - Mar 10 2010
you're welcome, I'm glad you like it :) - Dec 10 2009

TV & Streaming 54 comments

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Apr 16 2011
Hi, I saw the todo list. What if related videos for currently playing video would appear as a "leafs" of currently playing video (under it, padded a bit to the right, so it would be obvious that they are subvideos) :) ? I think it would be easy and good solution.. - Jun 25 2011