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Gibault Stéphane Chí¢teauroux, France
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by csgib
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Jul 30 2013
It seem that there is an error in the package ... the 2mandvd_en.qm file is not in the bin directory...

Try with the source compile it yourself or copy the qm file in the /usr/bin directory.

Stéphane - Apr 15 2009
ManDVD doesn't rencode true DVD mpeg files ...
If it do and you are sure that's a good mpeg file give me the result of :

mplayer -identify -frames 1 yorfiles.mpg

Stéphane - Apr 14 2009
No since 0.7.6 2ManDVD supports 60 videos...

Stéphane - Apr 14 2009
For 1 : you don't have ffmpegthumbnailer (look in dependancies). Or ffmpegthumbnailer is not in /usr/bin

For 2 : give me an upload link... I think you should have forget a dep too ...

Stéphane - Apr 12 2009
1 - Try without adding subtitle to your videos.
2 - After generation you have ad structure like this :

+ Your DVD path

In dvd/gene you have a dvdauthor.xml file. Could you display it here ?

Stéphane - Apr 10 2009
I have never see this sort of message but it's a dvdauthor problem ....

Will search

Stéphane - Apr 10 2009
You forget qt4 devel ...
Try installing qt4-designer, you should have everything ... But sorry i don't know Ubuntu.

Stéphane - Apr 09 2009
I currently re upload the 0.7.6 ... with the correction.

A big thanks to you

Stéphane - Apr 08 2009
Oops this should be a bug ... i will investigate as soon as possible.

Stéphane - Apr 08 2009

Try the last release (0.7.6) and tell me.
Try launching from a console directly in the 2ManDVD folder.


Stéphane - Apr 08 2009
It will be possible in the next release.

For the moment it's the import order, otherwise you you go front or go back menu ... In this case it's the most front in first.

Stéphane - Apr 07 2009
Thanks i will take it monday because can't do it now or this weekend ...

But a big thanks

Stéphane - Apr 03 2009
MPG file works .. VOB must be rename with .mpg extensions and all is ok ...

Stéphane - Apr 03 2009

It's already planned when 2ManDVD will have a near finish aspect and i modify SMILE ...

Sorry for my english

Stéphane - Apr 03 2009
You (and Herbyman) are funny people ... Screenshots are QT3 ... hahahahaha ... Do you use linux ???? I think you are always in MSDOS and that you have never use 2ManDVD ...

I accept that you prefer, Windows, Mac, QDVDAuthor, DVDStyler, Nero, etc ... but if you are so happy why come here to say so stupid things .... I hope one moderator see you message and destroy your account because you have nothing to do here.

Have a nice weekend ...

Stéphane from France - Apr 02 2009
Yes linux is not better than OSX and Win for compositing et video editing but developpers work on there free time (like me) so you could be more polish ...

And you Why don't your write a Premier or Avid tool for Linux ... I HATE persons like you ... Your are not ready for OpenSource and Opencommunities ....

Sorry but i have much better to do than loosing my time to help you ...
Go buying Nero or anything else for you best OS ...

- Apr 02 2009
If you launch 2mandvd from a console, what do you have like messages ?

Stéphane - Apr 02 2009
And i look those comments on kde-apps ... it's a funny guy ... Always critics and always says it's better on Win ... I think it's Bill Gates ... ;-) - Apr 02 2009

But 2ManDVD have an English translation ... I don't see the problem. Don't you have english interface ?

Stéphane - Apr 02 2009
Yes but you can be more polish ... I don't speak english very well but i use apps which are not translated but doesn't complain ...

If you want translate in your native language do it or shutt off ...

Stéphane - Apr 01 2009
For buttons the problem is that the dvdauthoring tools says that mask can't use more than 4 colors in select and over masks ... So it's possible with very basics buttons but not with video and true color pictures ... But maybe one day ;-) - Mar 24 2009
In the next release probably german language too ...

Stéphane - Mar 24 2009

It's already available to have animated thumbnail ... but animated from the media which is link to the button...

For the rest it might be possible in the futur.


Stéphane - Mar 24 2009
Thanks so much.

Stéphane - Mar 16 2009
Can you explain me why since qt4.5 the events are call before initialisation of the class or maybe before end of initialisation. It's strange , no? - Mar 06 2009
No no no ... hdlpar is correctly initialized when droping media on media library. I know your are not alone with this problem but i can't reproduce. Maybe you use QT4.5 ? no ?

Thanks for translation.

Stéphane - Mar 06 2009
Ok applied for a next release.


Stéphane - Mar 02 2009
Thanks it's ready for next release - Mar 02 2009
I understand the meaning of OS ... but i must explain something...

I'm in a hard position ... don't find job and loosing in next month the small hours of work i found recently ...

I see that c++ dev is a request of employer so i wan't o increase my knowledge ... and i fix me an objectif ... recreate ManDVD and a slideshow module (smile)...

Thanks anyway ... today i doesn't wan't launch a troll or others bad things ... but this morning i was a bit frustrate of first message ;-) sorry

Stéphane - Feb 16 2009
2Mandvd is translated in english ... For the moment it's a partial translate ... so when 2ManDVD will start it will automatically retranslate the UI in the correct language...

For the code it's more easy for me tu put my comments in french ... cause i don't speak very well english.

For coding i don't need help ... it's a pleasure for me to develop ... if one day i stop finding pleasure i will stop developping ... so i do it FOR ME ... If it can help some person around the world, it's good ... but it's not the main motivation.

Stéphane - Feb 16 2009
You say :

this will surelly prevent what happened to ManSlide/Encode/DVD where when they were deleted of kdeapps, they just died.

Those apps doesn't died but they are rewrite : Manslide became SMILE, ManDVD and Manencode became 2ManDVD ... I always say that thosqe apps need rewrite ... i just do it ...

Stéphane - Feb 16 2009

Sorry but you have not the same view as me ... I work for my pleasure but also to provide tools for basics users , and those users need only a working tool and no other things like SVN, etc ...

So the only thing i want is to make a good program ... better than first ManDVD (because it was one of my first program with C++... at this time i just pass from COBOL to C++ so it's a bit normal that i make mistake on my developpement).

I accept criticism but it was abit hard to have those remarks after many month of developpement ... I think if you have so perfect ideas, you should develop your own ...

To finish, maybe English is international language but I'm french and i'm not sure that there is a law that in opensource program MUST be in english ... and think of all the program that are never translated in French ... it's not acceptable... I have a basically implement of English and other language in a near futur but i'm sorry FRENCH is enough good than ENGLISH ...

Proud to be French and sorry for my poor english ...

- Feb 16 2009

Utilities 67 comments

by micko
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May 25 2010
From the original author (Stéphane Gibault)

ManDVD successor is ready ( ) and add new features (multi menu, animated thumbail, resizable windows, saving project, etc ...)

You should test it ...

Stéphane - Mar 02 2009
The green is that this is flat button and it's due to the qt3 theme ... use another one and this "bug" disappear - Jun 24 2008
From the author of mandvd : congratulations ...

it is a good idea to continue ... cause i hope start the rewrite this summer .... Then people could wait ;-)

Thanks - Jun 23 2008
Aero-Aqua Mix

Beryl/Emerald Themes 45 comments

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Apr 02 2008
Nice wallpaper . Could you give as a link.

Congratulations for your themes.

But one things.
It doesn't apply on the mandriva control center or SuSe config tools. Why ? - Mar 23 2008

Qt Widgets 8 comments

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Jan 30 2008
Yes but i need a widget like a wheel not a window with all the function, just a colorwheel ... Or i don't know how to do ! - Jan 30 2008
If you can do it i will venerate you ;-) - Jan 30 2008
Nice widget ... Currently i search a color wheel (like gtk one) ... Can you help me ? - Jan 29 2008

Video Apps 13 comments

by csgib
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Feb 03 2008
Do you have write right in your tmp folder ?

And which version of imagemagick do you use ? - Apr 11 2007
Do you have sox and mjpegtools > correctly installed ? - Apr 11 2007
OS-K icons

Full Icon Themes 155 comments

by simoo
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Sep 11 2007

Thanks for your icon theme, it is very clean ...

I use it in two free Apps : Manencode & Manslide ...

But i forget to tell you if you are agree... Do you are agree ??? Please ...

Stéphane - Jan 26 2007